Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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his right hand he holds a bronze vase of libation, with its cover, from the spout
of which he pours water on the altar; in his left a hemispherical bowl of
lighted incense. Beneath is a horizontal line of hieroglyphs:

" Made by the karheb or minister, Parapanefu, justified."
Doubtful. 1 ft. 5 in. high, 1 ft. 1J in. wide. Calcareous stone.

1962. Sepulchral tablet, with a rounded top, hutu, in two divisions; adorations
to Osiris for a person named Harmes.

In the first division Osiris is seen standing on the right side of the tablet.
The god faces to the left, wearing on his head the crown, atf, of conical
shape, having an ostrich feather on each side, emblem of the hall of the
two Truths, or Judgment Hall, in the Karneter or Hades, placed on goats'
horns. His form is enveloped in bandages, mer em hebs, like a mummy. In
his left hand he holds the three-thonged whip, ?iexeX> emblem of his pro-
tecting power; in his right a crook. Before him is a small altar or table of
offerings, \au, on which are placed a goose, cakes, and lotus flower. Before the
table, facing Osiris, stands the officer Harmes, his head shaved, a collar, us^,
round his neck, and a plaited garment tied round his loins and reaching to
his ankles. He holds up both hands in adoration to Osiris, the palms turned to
the god. Behind Harmes stands a female named Sebak-khab, in the same atti-
tude, wearing^ lonof hair falling in rows of curls from the crown of the head to
the shoulders, having a conical ornament on the crown of the head and a lotus
flower tied round it. She wears a collar, usy^, round the neck, and a long plaited
garment, with sleeves, from the neck to the ankles. The seven lines of hiero-
glyphs above read :

" Act of homage to Osiris, lord of Abydos."

"Adoration to thee, the lord of the age, for the ...... Harmes [and] Sebak-

khab, justified."

In the second division are four figures walking to the right: 1. A man named
"Tsa, justified," wearing long hair, namms, in the style of the 19th dynasty, and
a garment tied at the loins, reaching to the ankles, basui, holding both hands
down. He has on his head a conical ornament and flower of the papyrus.
2. A female named Karu, wearing long hair, in the style of the same period,
falling in long curls from the top of her head, a collar, us^, round the neck,
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