Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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and a loner erarment, with sleeves, reaching to the ankles: her hands and arms
pendent, the right holding a flower of the papyrus. 3. Another female named
Athorheb, in the same dress and attitude. 4. Another female named Mut-
kapenpets, in the same dress and attitude. Suspicious. 1 ft. 3 in. high, 8 in. wide.
Calcareous stone.

1963. Sepulchral tablet, with a rounded top, in two divisions; adorations to
Osiris. The top of the tablet has the imitation of the pyramidion, bdba, seen at
the summit of these tablets at a later period. On it is represented the jackal of
Anubis, or Ap-matennu, couchant, looking to the right, having round its neck
the tied sash, to which at a later period a key was represented tied, to shew that
this sacred animal had charge of the doors of the North and South. Above
the jackal is the signet, sen, emblem of the circle or orbit of the Sun.

In the first division " Osiris" is represented seated on his throne, facing to
the right, wearing the qtf, crown, his form enveloped in bandages, mer em hebs,
his right hand holding a whip, neyex? anc^ the left a crook, ab or hah, emblem
of his protecting power and dominion. Before him is a table of offerings, on
which are placed four cakes of bread, a bunch of onions, and a papyrus flower.
Under the table are two trees or jars. On the other side of the table stands
a female named Khent, wearing long hair, namms, a conical ornament on the
crown of the head, and a lotus or papyrus flower. She wears a long full
plaited garment, with sleeves, and elevates both hands in adoration to Osiris.

In the lower division is a similar table of offerings and jars beneath, but
without the lotus flower. Before it is Merten, a female, draped like the pre-
ceding, kneeling on both knees and elevating both hands in adoration to the
god. Before her, kneeling, and facing in the same direction, is a man named
"The judge An...," wearing a skull-cap, draped in a full semi-transparent garment
of linen or muslin, also raising both hands in adoration to the god. The work-
manship of this tablet is remarkably rude, and the inscriptions „ hardly legible.
It is apparently of a late period, perhaps of the time of the Roman empire.
1 ft. 4J in. high, 91 in. wide. Calcareous stone.

1964. Sepulchral tablet, hutu, with a rounded top; adorations to Osiris and
family worship, in three divisions.

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