Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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sleeves, and sandals, teb. In her right hand, which is held down, she holds a
long-necked bottle; her left is raised in adoration to Osiris. Above their heads
is written :

"Acts of adoration to thee, oh lord of eternity, for the sake of the Osirian
superintendent of the treasury, Taa, justified, [and] the lady of the house, chief
of the harem1 of the South and North, Taa, justified."

In the second division two persons are seen adoring Athor, the Egyptian
Aphrodite, or Venus, under the form of the white cow, the mother of the Sun,
her firstborn. This goddess also had seven cows for her emblem or symbol.
The cow entitled "Athor, lady of the sycamore, lady of the heaven, regent of
the gods," walks on a pedestal in shape of a pylon or gateway, with its cornice
of palm leaves, and door, advancing to the right. On her head she wears
the disk and two recurved ostrich plumes or feathers, emblem of the goddess;
on her neck is the peculiar collar, mna, with its counterpoise, mating, on the
back. Before the cow is a table of offerings, having on it two circular and one
oval cake of bread, two other viands, four jars or baskets of fruit, and a bunch
of flowers and buds of the lotus, ss'nin, or papyrus, apparently the last mentioned
water plant. Before the altar kneel two persons in adoration to the cow. They
wear long hair falling in close curls from the crown of the head, in the style
of the 19th dynasty, and full garments with sleeves of fine semi-transparent linen
like muslin, elevating both hands in adoration, the palms turned outward. The
first is "a scribe Putf, justified;" the other "Pakharu, justified." The inscription
above their heads reads " Adoration to the mistress of the heaven from the
scribe Rutf, justified, son of the [one] doing the desires of his lord Pakharu,

At the right side a man, draped in the same costume, stands facing to the
left, before an altar, on which is a jar of libations, with its spout and cover,
namms, and a lotus flower, ss'nin. The lines of hieroglyphs before him read :

"Adorations to Sekar and Osiris, who have given ...... all...... to the super-
intendent of the followers, Amenemheb, justified."

At the left side is a similar figure, draped in the same manner, standing facing

1 The xmem or "harem."
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