Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm


Takhrotanbast, justified, draped in a long garment with a plaited portion in
front, and wearing long liair. She raises both hands in adoration to Osiris.

The inscription beneath, in eight lines of hieroglyphs, is a sepulchral dedica-
tion to the deities. It reads :

"Act of homage to Osiris, who dwells in the West, great god, lord of Abydos,
to Sekar-Osiris, great god in Apu [Panopolis], to Isis the great mother, in Apu
[Panopolis], to Nephthys the sister goddess, to Anupu lord of Taser, to Amset,
Hapi, Tuautmutf and Kabhsenuf, who have given meals of bread and beer,
oxen, geese, wine, milk, incense, wax, clothes, utensils, all good and pure things
upon which a god lives, to the ... of Osiris Takhrotanbast, justified, daughter
of Har, justified, daughter of the lady of a house, Takhebu, justified for ever
and ever."

After this, there is sculptured part of a line of demotic. 1 ft. 4^ in. high,
8^ in. wide. Calcareous stone.

1970. Sepulchral tablet with a rounded top, dedicated to Osiris for a person
named Harpakhrat. Above is the heaven supported at each side by a dogheaded
sceptre, uas or t'am, and having beneath it the Hut or winged disk, and two
scenes. In the first is Osiris standing, wearing the atf, a collar, us^, round the
neck, and his form enveloped in bandages, iner em hebs, standing on a cubit,
emblem of truth, and facing to the right. In his hands he holds the whip, ne^ex,
and crook, haq. Behind Osiris is the god Pa or Harmachis, entitled "Harema^u,
the great god," hawk-headed, wearing the sun's disk, a collar, usx, and tunic,
s'enti, holding a symbol of life, dnx, in his pendent right hand, and a
sceptre, t'am or uas, in his left. He is followed by " Isis" in her celestial
type, wearing long hair, with the vulture attire, emblematic of her character as
the divine mother, and the disk and horns. She holds a symbol of life in her
pendent right hand, and a sceptre, t'am, or uas, in her left. Behind Isis, of
smaller proportions, is a male figure standing, draped in a long tunic; shorn,
lifting up both hands in adoration to the gods. His name is Penamen.
Before Osiris is an altar and the flower -of a water plant, and a man shorn
and draped in a tunic, basui, from the loins to the ankles, lifting up both
hands in adoration, followed by a female draped in the usual female costume,
in the same attitude.
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