Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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and a vulture-attire, facing to the right, having an altar, on which is a papyrus
flower and three buds of the same. The goddess holds a sceptre, uasm, in
her right, and symbol of life in her left hand. Before her are two perpendicular

lines of hieroglyphs, facing to the right: " Said by Isis, the great mother-goddess,
mistress of the heaven, regent of the gods."

On the altar are eight circular cakes of bread, onions, gourd, and two ducks,
istation in the i On the other side the deceased, named Hapi, son of Tethar, or Tetho (Teos), born

attached to the of Aru (or Heqaru), wearing a fringed conical ornament on the top of the head,

d, the sacred ? anc^ a l°ng garment, stands facing Isis, holding both hands in adoration to the

tp. Oh allprojlf goddess. Before him are three perpendicular lines of hieroglyphs: "Adoration

Iris sepulchre is ^° "^S' ^ie §'rea^ m°ther; Hapi, son of Tetho, born of the lady of a house

ct of homa= f Aru," or "Maaru." Under the altar are two conical jars entwined with papyrus

or lotus flowers, and a basket, Lf J [1 kabas, with its name. Beneath are nine
horizontal lines of hieroglyphs:

"Act of homage to Osiris, who dwells in the West, great god, lord of
Abydos, who gives meals of food and beer, oxen, geese, clothes, fabrics, wax,
incense, all good and pure things in Hades, to the devoted to Osiris over the
... of Isis, over the going into the house of Isis, of the house of birth,
Hapi, son of the superior of the house of the ... of Isis, over the place of
suten M, ^- birth, Tetho, born of the lady of the house Arru, justified. Ba, shining in

the eastern horizon of the heaven, shining lord of the East above Osiris
Hapi, justified, son of Tetho, born of Arru, come thou in ... before Ba, as the
living lord, thou art renewed in the sepulchral abode (tiau), made over the great
be doors to i jugtified to tbe gun_» 2 ft. 4J in. high, 1 ft. 2 in. wide. Calcareous stone.

Daine A:

1972. Sepulchral tablet with a rounded top, hutu, dedicated to Osiris for
>riod of WlC ^e gake 0f petat, bard of the Karneter or Hades. Above is a scene of ado-

ie. ration to Osiris and other deities. Above is the Hut or winged disk, from which

jjj depend two ursei, and below is a basket. Beneath is Osiris wearing the atf with

froV ^ jjjj two ostrich feathers on his head, and a collar, his form enveloped in bandages,

3peDer , mer em hebs, holding a crook in his right, and a whip in his left hand. He is seated,

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the seep1 facing to the right, on a throne placed on a pedestal, and is called "Osiris, lord 0i of ao-es." Behind Osiris is the goddess " Isis," wearing long hair, namms, tied by a
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v 5etffee . fillet, and having a throne, her name and emblem on the crown of her head. In
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