Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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of homage to Osiris, who dwells in the "West, lord of Abydos, who has given
sepulchral meals of oxen and geese, all things pure and good! for the sake1
of the priests of Osiris, Ankh, son of Kamasi, justified, priest of Osiris,
T'etaauffcankh, justified, his mother, Tetarasankh, justified." The name of the
person for whom this sepulchral tablet was made is omitted. 1 ft. 5^ in. high,
1 ft. wide. Calcareous stone.

1979 b. Sepulchral tablet, with rounded top, above, on the right, the Hut
with right wing only, and left symbolic eye. In the first division Osiris wearing
the atf reeded, seated on a throne facing right, body in bandages, holding a
crook and whip. Before Osiris is an altar on which are the head and haunch of
an ox, bunch of onions, gourd, two baskets laden with fruit, two cakes and a
fruit. Before the altar stands Paur, his hair in the style of the 18th dynasty,
wearing a tunic, s'enti, round the loins, raising both hands in adoration to the
god. He is followed by Ra-t, a female, wearing long hair and draped, raising
her right hand in adoration. In the area are five lines of hieroglyphs, " The
making of adorations to Osiris, homage to Unnefer, lord of ages, king of the
gods, by Paur. His sister, the lady of the House, Ra-t." In the second division,
facing to the leffc, are his father, Hui, draped as Paur, seated, holding a lotus-
flower in his right hand. Behind Hui is Paur's mother, Kata, seated behind,
placing her left hand on Hui's left arm. Under their chair, and of smaller dimen-
sion, is a man named Shaemuas2, wearing a skull-cap, draped in a tunic, seated
on his legs on the ground, holding a lotus-flower. Before this group is an altar
on which are placed a calf's head, gourd, three cakes of bread, two baskets
of fruit; and beneath this is a person draped like Shaemuas, named Hui, of
smaller size, seated, facing right. Before the table is a female; Nubnefer,
draped as the others, holding a water-jar in the right hand, and a lotus-bud in
the left hand. Behind her is another man, named Aani, and a female, Meriu,

1 In all these formulae the word qa has been supposed to mean spirit.

2 Or Khamus, as otherwise read.
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