Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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their necks, and holding sceptres, pat, in their fore-paws; they look from the
sides inwards.

II. The boat of the god Af, or the Sun in the Lower Hemisphere, ram-
headed, coloured red, wearing a yellow disk and tunic, s'enti, round the loins;
facing to the right. In his left hand he holds a dogheaded sceptre, t'am, uas,
or uasm, and in his right a symbol of life, dnx- Over him coils a serpent,
wearing on its head the hut, or white crown of the upper country. Before Af is
his name; facing to the right, Harmachis, lord of the heaven over the gods.
Before him stands, facing in the same direction, Isis, wearing a disk and draped ;
and Ma, truth, wearing an ostrich feather on her head, and draped. Behind
the god is the pilot, the lord of the boat, human-headed, wearing a s'enti, or
tunic, with pendent arms, steering two hawk-headed paddles. Under the boat


is the blue sky or ether. Before and behind is a soul Ba, represented as
a human-headed hawk, wearing on its head a sepulchral ornament and whip at
the side; tuaut neter, "adoring;" the wings yellow and the whip blue, and
inscription : "Adoration to ...... in thy place."

III. The deceased, " The Osirian Aiem-hetp," or " Imouthos," standing facing
to the left, holding both hands up in adoration to the gods, his flesh coloured
red, and a long garment from the loins, yellow, and a white cone and blue
lotus bud on the head. Before is the god, " Harmachis, over the gods," hawk-
headed, with blue urseus, wearing a narams, or headdress ; draped in a tunic, s'enti,
holding the sceptre, uas, t'am, uasm, and tat, united by both hands. After him
is Turn, human-headed, wearing the ps^ent, the face coloured white ; draped in
the s'enti or tunic, and wearing the counterpoise of a collar; holding a sceptre,
uasm, by both hands. He is followed by "Osiris," wearing the atef, coloured
yellow; draped as a mummy in a red garment, holding a sceptre, uasm, before

him by both hands. Behind him is | ^ Isis, wearing her throne on her head,

coloured red, with a blue headdress, namms; her left hand raised and right

pendent, holding y anx, life; draped in the usual female garment, coloured

green. She is followed by Nephthys, wearing her emblem and name on her
head; draped in the same kind of garment and in the same attitude as Isis.
Before Isis, facing to the right, is "Gift of oil," and before Nephthys "Gift of
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