Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm
scePtre, ^
r him coils a »
country. Befinj
heaven over tie ■
a disk and c-:
i and draped. |
d, wearing a i'a
Idles. Under I
b Ba, repress-,
ornament and r;
id the whip Hi

louthos," standing:
gods, bis Me.
a white cone and
f over the gods,:
draped ift lM1
both hands. Afe
loured white; ^:


the 4

r a sceptre,

her throne^3


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perfumes." After them comes Amset, human-headed, mummied, having an urseus
on his head, holding a sceptre, uasm, before him by both hands; his face is
coloured green. The procession of deities is closed by Anwp am Ut, "Anup in
the land of Ut," jackal-headed, his head coloured black, holding a sceptre before
him by both hands.

IV. Beneath this scene are five horizontal lines of hieroglyphs in black on
a white ground, facing to the right.

"Act of homage to Osiris, who dwells in the West, great god, lord of
Abydos; to Isis the mother-goddess, Nephthys the sister-goddess, Amset, Anubis
who dwells in the Ut, resident in the hall, who gives meals of bread and drink,
oxen, geese, wine, milk, divine incense, fruit, water, perfume, wax, linen fabrics,
bread, grain, vases, vegetables, all things good [and] pure, sweet and delicious,
upon which a god lives, to the divine father in Apt [Thebes], the prophet of
Osiris, the good archon in Uas (or Western Thebes), Aiemhetp, justified, son of
Uahpraab," or "Uahabra justified, son of a lady of the house [name omitted]."

It is of the period of the Ptolemies. The background is coloured white, the
tablet itself has been split in half. 1 ft. 9 in. high, 1 ft. 2 in. wide. Sycamore

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