Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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before him. Amen-eni-ha wears a cap, namms, collar, usx> and long garments,
basui; he raises his right hand, and holds a censer in his left. The name of
Amen-em-ha is placed on the lintel above the scene. The inscriptions beneath

"The giving of glorification to Osiris, lord of Abydos, Apmatennu [Anubis],
lord of Taser, Amsi or Khem, the powerful Horus, commander of the gods in
Abutu [Abydos], who have given meals of food and drink, oxen, geese, bread,
clothes and utensils, all good and pure things, incense, wax, the delicious breath
of life to the royal son Baba, in his second life, born of the royal concubine
Aurra, justified, a devoted person who says, Glory to thee, oh Osiris, dwelling
in the West; to Apmatennu [Anubis], lord of Abutu [Abydos], chief of all the
gods, ruler of rulers, powerful lord, light, power and justification, lord of being
and not being, the light of the Sun to his heart; the gods rejoice' when they
see he has brought the rays of light with exultation. He has received justifi-
cation, crowned at thy good going, which happens in thy festival at the tiuies of

thy......which thy father the Sun has given thee; thou exultest in them, adored

by gods, men, mortals, intelligences, living, seeing, flourishing like the Sun for

At the second side another person of the same family, named Hannu, is seen
standing facing to the left, wearing a headdress, namms, and long garment, basui,
and collar round the neck, his hands pendent. The inscription below is a
sepulchral dedication to Seb on his behalf.

"Act of homage to Seb, prince of the gods, who gives the delicious breath
of the North wind, light, power, justification to the chief of the Southern Thirty,
Hannu, justified, a devoted person born of the lady of a house, Banfankh,
daughter of the chief of the Southern Thirty, Baba, justified, a devoted person,
from the superintendent of the place who goes into the place of fruit, reviving
his name, Amen-em-ha, justified."

If Baba here be the prince of the same name already mentioned, Hannu is
his son.

The third side has at the upper part Amen-em-ha, draped in the same
manner as the preceding, advancing to the right. He is also in the same atti-
tude. The inscription beneath is a dedication to Osiris on his behalf.
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