Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm


1992. Sepulchral vase, in shape of Kabhsenuf, the fourth genius of the
Amenti, or Karneter, with hawk-headed cover; on the body are five perpen-
dicular lines facing to the right.

Tut an Hesi soman a yeftu
satjp has her Amset am sa Iles-
har mer massa Ra uah qb ma
yru sa en mer masa Psametik
han mes en Amen hana aru ses
Amset Iiesar mer masa Rauahab
pu Amset.

" Says Isis—I subdue the op-
posers; I extend protection over
Amset, protecting the Osiris, cap-
tain of troops, Uahabra, justified,
son of Psametik-kan, born of
Amen hanaru, protecting Amset. The Osiris, Uahabra, is Amset." 1 ft. 1£ in.
high. Zoned arragonite.

1993. Sepulchral vase, in shape of the genius Amset, first genius of the
Amenti, human-headed; the body squat and uninscribed. 9^- in. high. Arragonite.

1994. Sepulchral \ase, from the same set, the head in shape of the genius
Hapi, second genius of the Amenti, cynocephalus-headed, the body squat.
10 in. high. Arragonite.

1995. Sepulchral vase, from the same set, the head in shape of the genius
Kabhsenuf, the fourth genius of the Amenti, hawk-headed. 10 in. high. Arragonite.

1996. Box of rectangular shape, with cover. The lower part in shape of
a sledge. It contained four sepulchral vases, such as were used for holding the
viscera of the deceased. These were separated from each other by compart-
ments, and are of arragonite, with the head of the genius Tuautmutf, jackal-
headed, adhering to the sides of the box. The box is in a state of decompo-
sition. 1 ft. 6 in. square, 1 ft. 4 in. high. Wood.
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