Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm


1999. Ptah Sekar Hesiri, or Ptah Socharis Osiris, standing on a plinth,
head wearing a long beard, and head-dress, namms, coloured blue, and striped
red collar, w% body red; down the body a perpendicular line of hieroglyphs,

painted black on a yellow ground, facing to the right, Q C=T^ C

i l l ^ iy-i _^ jj q £wi //a Aesar s^a e?i reefer ftta-wi Paiaafhast.

"Say, oh Osirian [deceased] royal scribe [of the divine handmaid......queen]

Paifaabast." There is a similar line down the back, ^n>- 1 <=><^ q * e

_ II 4__Li

112T2^"!Z^7o^r^.l^ with the addition of tlie word "justified"
after the name. On the head is the hole of the plug which held the head-
dress. 1 ft. J in. high. Sycamore wood.

2000. Mummied hawk, oyen, emblem of the god Socharis, painted ; the body
is coloured red, the breast white, the eyes and other parts blue. There is a
plug beneath, to fix it either into the lid of a box, which these mummied
hawks occasionally surrounded, or else into the pedestal of certain figures of
Ptah Socharis Osiris, the god to whom they were sacred and at whose feet
they appeared. 5-§- in. long. Sycamore wood.

2001. Similar hawk; body red, yellow and blue, collar on the neck and
counterpoise on the back. 5 in. long. Same material.

2002. Similar hawk; maroon-coloured body in a blue network, green coun-
terpoise of collar on back, breast white with black strokes. 7-J in. long. Same

2003. Similar hawk; yellow, eyes green and black. 4^ in. long. Same

2004. Pentagonal tessera, from a mummy. On it on one side is in Greek :


" Sisois, (surnamed) Amenoth, son of Sisois."
On the reverse, in Demotic or Enchorial:

rjl in Af>L

1 Or £jjcrotr, "mayest thou live," or "hail."
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