Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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2007. Lamp of the Greek period and shape, circular body on cylindrical
stand, with circular moulding at the middle, circular foot, open, and hole for
pouring in the oil. 3f in. high. Red terra cotta.

2008. Similar lamp, but with a different moulding in the middle. 3J in. long.

Terra cotta.

2009. Lamp, shoe-shaped, of the Christian period, with three lines round the
body, and at one end six annulets and two arcs ; at the other end an artificial
ornament. 2^ in. long. Black terra cotta.

2010. Lamp, shoe-shaped, of the Christian period; round the edge are nine
rosettes, each having eight petals. On the upper part are a bird pecking, fly,
two crosses, artificial ornament and infundibulum; round the top a braided band.
Has been used. 3f in. long. Red terra cotta.

2011. Lamp, shoe-shaped ; above a toad facing to the front. This reptile is
often seen on lamps of a later period, and represented, according to Chseremon,
" The Eesurrection" if by the word Batrachos, he intended to express toad. It
has eisdit annulets in front and four on each side1. In front is a Maltese cross
between two lions, their tongues protruding, their tails curled over their backs.
Round the edge below is a collar of ten artificial shaped pendants and pellets.
Beneath are a festooned band of drop-shaped ornaments, a similar pendant, a
cross, an artificial ornament, and ABBA TIMOOEOY APXIETTICKOTT, *A/3/3a T^oOeov
apx^TTio-Konov 'of father Timotheos, the archbishop,' shewing that the lamp
belonged to " Timothy, archbishop of the Thebaid," or Alexandria. All is in relief.
It has been used, and the nozzle is black. 4| in. long. Red terra cotta.

1 It is sometimes found after deceased persons, apparency as the equivalent of nem anx, 'living

again' or a 'second life.'
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