Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm

2014. ScARABiEUS; on the base a boy or ape, and deity wearing a disk and
horns. Not Egyptian, and probably Phoenician : pierced, ■§ in. long. Black glass.

2015. Babylonian brick with Babylonian inscription. It has seven lines of
Babylonian cuneiform, containing the name, titles and genealogy of Nebuchad-
nezzar, king of Babylon, founder of Bit Saqqa and Bit Dugga, son of Nabu-
palassar. These have been stamped in a square division or label on the upper
surface :

Nabuchadnessar, eldest son of

king of Babylon, Nabu-pal-essar,
restorer of Bit Saqqal king of Babylon1,

and Bit Zida,
1 ft. | in. high, 1 ft. 1 in. wide. Terra cotta.

2016. Cylinder; on it, in intaglio, a deity draped, standing facing to the left,
holding a gazelle or goat in each hand, by the feet: above the sun and moon.
Assyrian work: pierced lengthwise or through the long axis. 1 in. long. Red

2017. Cylinder; on it, in intaglio, a winged deity, standing, holding the leg
of a gazelle ; another, seated on a bull, draped, and shooting an arrow, the god
Hea holding a mace or staff; another deity, holding a gazelle and other object;
in the area a staff, winged disk, and symbol of life: pierced through the long
axis. Babylonian work. 1 in. long. Crystal.

2018. Cylinder; on it a draped figure, standing, having four wings; before
it two gryphons inverse to one another. Assyrian style: pierced through the
long axis. 1 in. high. White chalcedony.

1 Birch, Hist. A?ic. Pottery, p. 94, where a similar brick is engraved.
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