Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm


2033. Similar weight, with the initials NT inlaid in silver. f in. square.

2034. Similar weight. §• in. square. Bronze.

2035. "Weight, cheese-shaped. Of a late period, probably later than the third
century after Christ. \ in. high. Bronze.

2038. Figurine of Athene Nikephoros, or Minerva, standing, wearing a helmet
on her head and segis on her breast; her right hand raised, holding a palm flat,
the left holding a buckler surrounded by a belt of annulets. Badly baked, black
and red colour. 4|- in. high. Terra cotta.

2037. Figure of one of the Eleusinian deities, apparently Demeter or Ceres.
She stands draped and veiled, holding a pig; it is of Greek workmanship.
6 in. high. Terra cotta.

2038. Figure of a goddess, standing, wearing a raodius, draped in the chiton:
apparently Aphrodite or Venus, or else Persephone. Her left hand pendent,
and a flower in her right. Greek. 61 in. high. Terra cotta.

2039. Upper part of a figure of a Grasco-Egyptian deity or mythical
personage, head wearing a sphendone, hole in the head; the arms have neither
been made nor any attached to it; the breasts are draped. 4 in. high. Terra

2040. Rectangular bas-relief: on it three figures going to the right. The
first, a flute-player, auletes, draped in long tunic, chiton, playing on the double
pipe, diaidos; he is followed by a female wearing a inodius on her head and
draped in a long garment, chiton poderes, holding a tympanon or tambourine in
her right hand, and by another female, also wearing a inodius, and holding a
tambourine in the left hand. 4 in. high. Terra cotta.

2041. Hemispherical draughtsman or latro, " robber," as these pieces were
called, the vitreus latro or "glass robber" of the Roman period. J- in. long.

Green madrepore glass.

2042. Small mosaic fragment representing a yellow face, red chin, black
brows and eyes, the whole surrounded with white and green colour. The whole
a section from a stick of glass so composed and of the Roman period. § in.
long. Glass.
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