Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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A, or Aa, a superintendent, sepulchral scarab of,

Aah, the moon, connection of Tahuti with, 18
Aahat, wife of Mama, figure of, on a tablet,

Aah-en-ru, or Elysian fields, Selk the mistress
of, 13

Aahetp, surnamed Sensenab, figure of, on a

tablet, 287
Aahhetp, figure of, on a tablet, 287
Aahlu, or Elysian fields, 13
Aahmes, or Amosis, a chief, figure of, on a box,

with inscriptions relating to, 196*, 197
Aahmes, sepulchral figure of, 252
Aahmes Neferari, Queen-mother of Ameno-

phis L, name of, on a scarab, 123; monu-
mental figure of, 55, 56
Aai, superintendent of the books of Ra, name

of, on a papyrus-sceptre amulet, 229
Aanana, or Aunaa, 284
Aani, see Cynocephalus
Aaptah, tablet of, 272
Aat-Hut, " abode of Hut," on a scarab, 116
Aau, wife of Takara, figure of, 289
Aba, tablet of, 274
Aba, daughter of Ana, 274
Aba, son of Bara, name of, on a tablet, 276
Abau-ankh, son of Ana, tablet of, 273
Abekh, figure of, on a tablet, 291
Abu, or Elephantine, Khnum or Chnoumis

resident in, 345
Abusir, or Tattu, on the Nile, kittens mummied

and preserved at, 44; Osiris, lord of, 53, &c.
Abydos, figure of a man on a pedestal, from,

64, 65 ; many tablets found in the sepulchres
of, 263; mystical inscriptions relating to,

Acacia-wood, hairpin of, 344
A^u, see Horizon

Achuchi, a married lady, sepulchral scarab of,

Adze, model of an, 200

iEgis of the goddess Bast, 7

^Ethiopian, worship of the Lion Horus, 30; amu-
let, 152

Af, god; boat of, 322

Ai I., king, prenomen of, on a scarab, 123

Ai, the priest, a monarch; inscribed scarab
relating to, 142

Ai, Psametik, son of, 254

Ai, name of, on a tablet, 279

Aiemhetp, or Imouthos, son of Uahprahat,
figure of, on a tablet, 322

Aishemraa, a painter, tablet of, 282

Aka, Hekeka, son of, 286

Aka, son of Uiki, name of, on a tablet, 286

Akab, name of, on a tablet, 283

Akar, or Sphinx, 42, 43

Akar, or Hades, inscription relating to, on a
tablet, 231

Akarsnab, son of Arat, name of, on a tablet,

Akarsnab, son of Teta, name of, on a tablet,

Akhi, Ta...u son of, 279, 280
Aku, guardian of the palace, name of, on a
tablet, 286

Alabastos, vases in shape of the, 102, 177;

period of the use of, 177
Alabastron vase, 177

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