Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Alexander the Great, adopts the title " Son of
Amen Ra," 139

Algernon, 4th Duke of Northumberland, obelisk
presented to, 345

Altar of libations, 267; figure of a man on an,
64, 65

Altar, sepulchral, 324

Altar of Ra, a place so called, 345, 346

Amasis II., notice of his name on a vase,
102; prenomen of, on a scarab, 146

Amen, worship of Nit connected with that of,
15; Chons, son of, 16; representation of,
resembling that of %num, 17 ; worship of,
discarded by Amenophis III., 58; name of,
erased by disk-worshippers and reinserted,
345 ; statue of Ptahmeri, a high-priest of,
68, 69; statue of Stefaapa^rat, priestess of,
74, 75; obelisk-emblem of, on a scarab, 128;
type of, title of Thothmes III., on a scarab,
129; act of homage to, 197

Amenan^sen, or An^sen-Amen, the queen of
Tutan^amen, her name on scarabs, 142

Amenartas, or Amenirites, queen, name of,
on scarabs, 145

Amenartas, Naspamai son of, 310

Amenartas, son of Mutau, 312

Ameneman, an officer of the city of Apur,

Amenemapt, figure of, on a tablet, 288
Amenemha, a nomarch, and superintendent of

prophets, 274
Amenemha II., king; tablet dated in 28th

year of, 267

Amenemha, an officer, superintendent of the

place of the Geese, figure of, on a tablet, 278
Amenemha, a superintendent of the throne,

figure of, on an obelisk, 324
Amenemha, born of Hektnefert, 326
Amenemhat, prenomen of, on a scarab, 122
Amenemhat, figure of, on a tablet, 284
Amenemhat, surnamed Hata, figure of, on a

tablet, 292
Amenemheb, sculptured figure of, 66
Amenemheb, surnamed Pakharu, a high officer

of state, tablet of, 304
Amenemsebens, son of Mut, name of, on a

tablet, 286

Amen ha, son of Aatet, name of, on a bead,

Amenhanaar, or Amenhanaaru, inscriptions
concerning, 331, 332

Amenhetp, or Amenophis III., 57

Amenhetp, model coffin with inscription relat-
ing to, 243

Amenhetp, a scribe, 291

Ameni, king; name of, on a scarab, 160

Amenmehsu, an officer, sepulchral scarab of,

Amenmes, figure of, seated with his wife,

65, 66 ; sculptured figure of......daughter of,

66; youth of temple of Osiris, inscribed box
of, 197*; sepulchral figure of, 251; figure of,
on a tablet, 304
Amenopheum at Luxor, statue made for the, 58
Amenophis I., king; monumental figure of,

55, 56 ; Amenset, daughter of, 56; name of,
on a gold ring, 92; name of his queen-
mother, on a scarab, 123 ; prenomen of, on
a scarab, 123; royal title of, on a scarab,

Amenophis II., king, son of Thothmes III.,
" Ra-aa-^eperu," prenomen of, on a gold
ring, 91 ; prenomen of, on scarabs, 135—137;
obelisk of, 345

Amenophis III., king; portion of a figure of,

56, 57; discards the worship of Amen for
that of the Solar Disk, 58; Ra neb ma, or
Ma neb Ra, prenomen of, on rings, 91—95;
dated scarab of, about 1300 B.C., 138 ; pre-
nomen of, on scarabs, 138—141 ; sepulchral
figures begin in his reign, 246

Amenophis IV., king; heretical monarch, pre-
nomen of, on an amulet, 141, 142

Amenophis, a king, unidentified, on a scarab,

Amenoth, Greek inscription relating to, on a

tessera, 335
Amenpa, figure of, in a group, 65, 66
Amen Ra, principal deity of Thebes; rare in
porcelain, but common in bronze, 4 ; figures
of, 15 ; Neith, daughter of, 15; pigmy figure
of, 29; Shashank, a high-priest of, 34; type
ofBes, 35; inscription of, dedication to, 65;
inlaid figures of, on the walls of Tel-el-
yahoudeh, 78; name of, on an amulet, 105;
lord of the south or upper country, on
scarabs, 105, 106; scarabs, with various
references to, 107, 111; name of, on a finger-
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