Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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"Apes of the Sun," inscription to the, on a
scarab, 112

Apheru, type of Anubis, 31; a name of Anubis,

Aphrodite of the Egyptians, 25; figure of,

Api, figure of, on a tablet, 284

Apis, the incarnation of Ptah, 39; Hapi, or
bull, sacred to Ptah, figure of the, 46; bull,
on a scarab, 114

Apmatenmes, sepulchral figure of, 248

Apmatennu, a type of Anubis, 31; a name of
Anubis, " the opener of the ways to heaven,"
45 ; see Tablets

Apollinopolis Magna or Edfu, worship of Ea
or the sun as a hawk at, 48

Apollo, bronze Etruscan figure of, 341

Apries, name of, on scarabs, 146

Apries, or Uahabra, sepulchral vases of, 331, 332

Aptiherumes, or Aptimatenmes, inscription re-
lating to him, on a scarab, 238

Apu, or Panopolis, 311, 316

Apui, a female figure, on a tablet, 308

Apur, city of, 315

Apuur, a lady's name on a scarab, 161
Aqarsen, figure of, on a tablet, 279
Ara, son of Bara, name of, on a tablet, 276
Ara nefer nefev, on a ring, 92
Aram, son of Paqamt, inscription concerning,

Arat, Akarsnab son of, 276
Architectural objects, 76
Ari, an officer, tablet of, 278
Armour, various, 186

Arrows and arrow-heads, specimens of, 188
Arsinoe, or Crocodilopolis, Sebak worshipped

in form of a crocodile at, 50
Artefnefer, figure of, on a tablet, 288
Artemis, Bast, the Egyptian, 45
Aru, Arru, or Heqara, 313
Arum aha, figure of, on a tablet, 275
Aruru, or Heqara, son of Ankhranef, inscription

relating to, 321
Arutu, a scribe, inscribed tablet of, 190
Asari, see Osiris
Asi, see Isis

Assyria, made tributary by Thothmes III., 60 ;

duck weights of, 50
Ata, a female, figure of, on a tablet, 272

Atef, son of Nefermen, 291
Atefesankh, figure of, on a tablet, 282
Atefesras, a lady, figure of, on a tablet, 282
Aten-Ka, or solar disk, worship of, by Amen-

ophis III., 58
Athene Nikephoros, figure of, 343
Athor, goddess, figure of the, 10; Nahamua, or
a lower avatar of, 20; the Egyptian Venus,
emblem of Se^et a type of, 114; lady of
the Sycamore, 252; cow sacred to, 46; her
first-born, Ea, 46; cow of, on a scarab, 118;
disk of, an amulet of unknown import, 225 ;
symbolic eyes of the cow of, 167'—172; fish
emblem of, 52, 85, 119 ; sistrum, or head of,
on an amulet, 109 ; head of, in a necklace,
82; head of, on a pendant slab, 88; head of,
on a ring model, 219 ; inscribed vase dedi-
cated to, 175; Usersen, superintendent of
the prophets of the house of, 60; figure of
Nebseni, a priest of, 288 ; tablet with ado-
' rations to the cow of, 304—307; mistress of
Athribis, 62; of the Southern Sycamore,
305, 306

Athorheb, a lady, figure of, on a tablet, 302

Athorsat, figure of, on a tablet, 286

Athribis, Athor, mistress of, 62

Attitudes of Egyptian figures, few and archi-
tectonic, 54

Atum, or Turn, adoration of, 315 ; see Turn

Aufnaerpessh, figure of, on a tablet, 282

Aui, a lady, figure of, on a tablet, 294; daughter
of Pekames, 298

Aunaa, figure of, on a tablet, 283

Aurra, a royal wife, 324


Baahmeri, prince, sepulchral figure of, 252
Baba, prince, son of Aurra, obelisk of, 324
Baba, Hanun, son of, 325

Babylon, made tributary by Thothmes III., 60 ;

inscribed brick from, 340
Baenanta, a scribe, sepulchral figure of, 249
Ba-en-Ra, prenomen of Menephthah, on a

bowl, 181
Baentattu, or Mendes, 71
Bak, a female, figure of, on a tablet, 278
Baket, wife of Sennefer, 288
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