Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Duck, an unknown emblem, 50; stone weights
in form of, used in Assyria, 50; set in gold
as a ring, 95; amulets in shape of ducks,
103,123,142 ; inscribed amulets in shape of,
117, 131, 134; box in shape of, 198

Dummy vases, description of, 328


Ear of corn, bead in shape of, 89
Earrings, specimens of, 21G
Edfu, on the Nile, worship of Ea as a hawk at,

Egyptians, hairpins not used by, 344
Eileithyia, or Necheb, goddess, white crown

emblem of, 68
Eileithyia, on the Nile, tablet probably from, 287
El-assasif, inscribed tablet found at, 60; tomb

of king Ai at, mutilated, 142
Elephantine, in Egypt, Taur presides over the

waters at, 37
Eleusinian deity, figure of an, 343
Emblema, bronze, in shape of the head of a

Roman goddess, 341
Emperor, Roman, adoring Se^et, 29
Enchorial inscription on a tessera, 335
Enemies, prostrate, on scarabs, 153
Eros, or Cupid, bronze figure of, 341; bronze

weight in form of, 342
Esmun, or Hermopolis, seat of Thoth at, 11;

Tahuti lord of, 18
Etruscan bronze figure of Apollo, 341 ; bronze

figure of Laran or Mars, 342
Euphrates, river, Thothmes III. advances to

the, 60

Eye, right; from inlaid face of mummy case,

Eyes, symbolic, on rings, 95, 220 ; symbolic, of
Horus, emblem of the sun and moon, 68 ;
heads with, 89 ; four conjoined, assigned by
the Ritual to the paddles of the North,
South, East, and West, 171, 172

Eye-shaped beads, 81, 82


Farinaceous substance in a vase, 182
Favourite animals, depicted on sepulchral

tablets, 264
Feather, emblem of Truth, 50, 293

Feathers, amulets in shape of two, 225, 226
Female figure, on a box, 197*
Festivals, emblem of, on a bead, 208
Figs, specimens of, 184

Figures, various, 3; adoring Nefer Turn, 9; of
kings and individuals, 54—75 ; upper part
of, a man walking, 64; a man walking, on a
pedestal, in shape of an altar of libations, 64,
65 ; for holding a papyrus or mummy, 75

Figurine of Athene Nikephoros, 343

Fish, latus, or carp, emblem of Athor, figure
of the, 52; female figure holding a, 75;
amulets in shape of, 103, 119; emblem of
Athor, on a scarab, 118 ; with a hook, on an
amulet, 119; with lotus bud and flower, on
a scarab, 119 ; on a scarab, 136

Flies, amulets in shape of, 103

Flint-flakes, found at Sinai, 199

Flora of Egypt and Nubia, 183

Flowers, beads in shape of, 81, 88; on scarabs,
120, 121

Food, varieties of, 183—185

Foot, left, on a plinth, 73

Formula of the tablets, 263 et seq.

Frog, emblem of goddess Heqa, 52; found at
Memphis, but rarely at Thebes, ib.; not men-
tioned in the Ritual, 52 ; found in connec-
tion with the papyrus sceptre and Nilometer,
ib.; amulets in shape of the, 103; inscribed
amulets in shape of, 113, 115

Frogs, two, conjoined, as an amulet, 117

Fruit-shaped beads, 81

Furniture, specimens of, 77—79


Gateways of the North and South, 308
Gazelle couchant, on a scarab, 114
Gazelles, held by Bes, 35
Gemini of the Egyptians, 12
Genealogical tablet, 276

Genii, the Four (A-mset, Hapi, Tuautmutf, and
Kabhsenuf), dedication to, 311; figures of,
on a tablet, 314; preside over the cardinal
points of the heaven, 329

Geometrical shapes of amulets, 103, 105

Girdle-tie, on a necklace, 82

Glass, ancient use of, 172, 179; made at
Benihassan, 179; objects of various use and
shape, 216—218

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