Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Goat, figure of a, 47

Goat-horns, feather emblems, placed on, 301
Gold rings, 91
Golden figures, 3, 4
Graeco-Egyptian deity, figure of a, 343
Grapes, specimens of, 184; connected with
Osiris, 290

Greek lamps, 338; pottery, excellence of, 173;

uncial writing on boards, 191, 192
Gryphon, or A^e^, sacred to Mentu Ra, on a

scarab, 113
Gryphons, on an Assyrian cylinder, 340


Ha, signification of the title, 62
Ha, or nomarch, 72

Hades, tablets with inscriptions relating to,

263; see Amenti
Hair, figure of a lady with very long hair, on a

tablet, 305

Hairpins, 90; use of, 97; not used by the
Egyptians, 344 ; of acacia-wood, 344

Hak, goddess; mythological history of, 267;
altar dedicated to, ib.

Haker, festival of the, and its origin, 42

Haliburton, J., his discovery of tools in a
tomb at Thebes, 201

Hall of the two Truths, 320

Han, daughter of Satran, 280

" Han ... t, lady of the house," on a gold finger-
ring, 94

Hand, an unknown amulet, in form of fingers

of the right hand, 223
Handles, in form of naked females, 74; of vases,


Hannu, born of Ranfankh, act of homage by,

Hant, Ana son of, 273

Hant, daughter of Ana, 274

Hantpu, daughter of Ana, 274

Hapep, figure of, on a tablet, 289

Hapi, god, or the Nile, 9; inscription con-
cerning, on a fragment for inlaying, 79; in-
scription relating to, on a model coffin, 244;
cynocephalus-headed, on a tablet, 320

Hapi, genius, sepulchral vases in shape of, 330,

Hapi, see Apis

Hapi, son of Tethar or Tetho, tablet of, 313

Hapimen, sepulchral scarab of, 239

Har, or Horus, hawk, emblem of, 48—50;

figure of, on a tablet, 314, 315
Har, Takhrotanbast, daughter of, 311
Hare, emblem of Osiris Onnophris, figures of

the, 48
Harema^u, see Harmachis
Haremhat, Apepa, daughter of, 284
Haremhebi, or Horus, a king; his name and

title on scarabs, 143 ; Uahabra a prophet of,

Haremsa, king, 280

Harmachis, or Harema^u, an appellation of Ra,
the sun, 10; typified as a sphinx, 43; hawk
emblem of, 48, 49; sphinx emblems of, on
scarabs, 109, 113 ; name of, on a scarab, 147,
148; "the sun on the granite peaks of the
mountains of the horizon," on a tablet, 304,
305 ; figure of, on a tablet, 322 ; figure of, on
a pyramidion, 326

Harmes, tablet of, 301

Harnekt, or Horus, a name of Khem, 14, 15
Harnekht, figure of, on a tablet, 294
Harnetatef, a title of Haroeris, 26
Haroeris, or Harur, Horus the First, figures of,
26, 27

Harpa^rat, or Harpocrates; type of, used by
%ons, 16 ; nursed by Isis, 24, 25 ; figures of,
27—31; the child Horus, figures of, ib.;
beads in shape of, 83, 84; figure of Mentu,
with, on a scarab, 111; or youth, on scarabs,
118, 119; between two cows, on a vase, 174

Harpakhrat, a sacred scribe, and horoscopist,
tablet of, 311

Harsaasi, see Harsiesis

Plarsaesi, or Harsihesi, a hierodoulos, tablet
of (?), 315

Harsebak, son of Satran, a superintendent, 280
Harsienpefer, son of Tat-Athor, sepulchral

figure of, 253
Harsiesis, or "Horus, son of Isis," figures of,

26, 27; opens the South, 312
Harsiesis, son of Ta-aa, sepulchral figures of,

253, 254

Harsihesi, or Harsiesis, name of a son of king
Shashank, 34

Harsihesi, or Harsiesis, son of Tathar, sepul-
chral figure of, 254
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