Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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T1 sca^ab of, 239
tablet, h^H

: °Slfis

a, daughter of, 2jj




s' ^3; Uahaura


gifted as a spfej;
3, 49; sphinx oik
■13; nameof,ojaffi:
tt on the granite pat
the horizon," onai.
on a tablet, 322:1-:
of, 301

>rus, a name of Kk;
3 of, on a tablet, Si
tie of Haroeris, 26
rur, Horus the First, r-

Harpocrates; type o(s
rsed by Isis, 24,25;-
child Horns, fi,*:
3e of, 83, 84;^
tWeen two cows, ob>;*
sacred scribe, and


bierodoul* -

5oa of
Horus, bo

larsiesis, ^

Harsipaneter, son of Settas, sepulchral figure
of, 253

Hartataf, prince, his discovery of the sepulchral

formula for scarabs, 237
Harur, see Haroeris
Haruta, Uahabra son of, 257
Harvest, ceremonies in connection with, 14
Hasheps, queen; see Hatasu
Hata, a prophet, 312

Hataa, chief of the royal thirteen, tablet of,

Hatasu, or Hasheps, queen, title of, on a bas-
relief, 59; expedition of, to Taneter and
Punt, 60 ; wife of Thothmes II., and co-
sovereign withThothmes III., 124; inscribed
vase of, 176; pedigree of, ib., 177

Hatchet, model of a, inscribed, 199; beads in
shape of a, 81

Hawk, with human arms, 28; emblem of Ea,
figure of a, 48 ; with human head, emblem
of the soul, 49 ; eyes of the Hawk of Ra,
on a scarab, 114 ; emblem of Har, or Horus,
in his form of Harmachis, figures of, the,
48—50; beads in shape of the, 81; pendant,
85; between two urai, on a ring, 95; of
Horus, on scarabs, 115 ; holding a signet, on
a royal scarab, 122; wooden figures, of the
mummied hawk, 335; of gold, title of
Thothmes III., on a scarab, 127

Hawk-headed scarabasi, emblems of Ra, 87 ;
scarabs, rare but late, 165, 166; their mean-
ing, ib.

Hay (Robert), evidence deduced from an in-
scription copied by him in Egypt, 56

Ilea, a Babylonian god; figure of, on a cylin-
der, 340

Head, of an officer of high rank, 71, 72; with
Nubian curls, 73 ; use of beads, in shape of
heads, 103 ; inscribed, 161

Headrest, or pillow, inscribed, 77

Heart, beads in shape of the, 81, 84, 85 ; re-
markably fine blue glass, 172; gilded, 209;
for inlaying, 216; mystical address to the,
on sepulchral scarabs, 238; inscribed, 223,

Heaven, abyss of, 10; Anubis, guardian of
the roads of the South and North, 31; the
ways to, opened by Anubis the Jackal, 45

Hebs, a type of Horus, 29

Hedgehog, figure of a, 46 ; perfume vase, in
shape of a, 101; amulets, in shape of, 103;
amulet, inscribed, 105

Hek, or crook of Osiris, 20

Hekaa, chief of the signet, inscribed headrest
of, 77

Hekeka, figure of, on a tablet, 275; son of

Aka, name on a tablet, 286
Hektnefert, Amenemha, born of, 326
Heliopolis, Mnevis, the bull sacred to the sun

at, 46

Heptartas, name on sepulchral figures, 253
Heqa, goddess, emblematised as a frog, 52, 117
Herahernebuas, surnamed Ukhas, superinten-
dent of royal granaries in the southern city
of Thebes, statue of, 66, 67
Hercules of the Egyptians, 12, 13
Hermapion, his explanation of Haremakhu,

Hermes, Thotb, the Egyptian form of, 50;
Psychopompos, or Tahuti, 18

Hermopolis, seat of the worship of Thoth, 11;
Su surrounded by crocodiles on the steps of,
13; Tahuti lord of, 18; Nahamua mis-
tress of, 19

Hernetut, figure of, 298

Hesihat, daughter of Shamu, sepulchral figure
of, 261

" Hes nefer Amen Ra," on a gold ring, 91

Hetep, sculptured figure of, 66

Hieratic inscription on a bowl, 181

Hippopotamus, goddess Taur, in form of a, 37;
on a finger-ring, 95 ; stibium vases made of
the tooth of a, 98, 99; beads used, in form
of the, 103; amulet in form of, inscribed,

Hor of Horus of Edfou, on a scarab, 129
Horapollo, his explanation of the frog emblem,

Horizon, or A^u, represented by two demi-lions
with solar disk, 41, 42

Horse, royal, on a scarab, 153

Horus, god, rare in porcelain, common in
bronze, 4; figure of, 12; the Powerful, a
form of Khem, 14, 15; "the First or Elder,"
brother of Osiris, 26; the child, figures of,
27—31; triads of, 30, 31; the lion an em-
blem of, 41; abominates the sow, 47; lord
of the world, or Harpanebta, headdress of,

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