Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Kai, figure of, 298

Kamapi-neferu, name of, on a tablet, 276
Kamasi, Ankh son of, priest of Osiris, 318
Kameri, one of the family of Abauankh,

Karnes, figure of, on a tablet, 304

Kams, royal prince, inscription relating to, on
a stibium case, 100

Kamsu, brother of Abauankh, 274

Kamta, name on a tablet, 283

Karanem, figure of, on a tablet, 308

Karnak, scarab from the chamber of, 122

Karneter, or Hades, Tuautmutf and Qabh-
senuf, the genii of, 32, 33; Taur devours
the wicked in, 37; freedom of the soul to
go in and out of, on a scarab, 161; lord of,
a title of Osiris, 251

Karu, a lady, figure of, on a tablet, 301

Kat, inscribed box relating to, 196

Katnebi, figure of, on a tablet, 289

Katuat, born of Tahreri, sepulchral figures of,

Kephren, king, name of, on scarabs, 121
Khem, or Amsi, god, figures of, 14, 15 ; ne^e^

whip used by, 20 ; Pacis, or the white bull,

sacred to, 46 ; and other deities, adoration

of, on vases, 173, 174
Kheut, a lady, figure of, on a tablet, 302
Khentikhratur, nomarch and chancellor, tablet

of, 268

Kheperenhesi, son of Ankhenmau, sepulchral

figure of, 256
Kheperi, inscription of adoration to, 69
Kheperka, or Usertesen I.; Saru, guardian of

the house of, 285
Khnumhetp, votive tablet set up by, 269
Khui, officer of the place of beer, 280
Khuunnefer, Mentaemha son of, 309
King, head of an unknown, 20 th dynasty,


Kings, names and figures of, on amulets, 136—

Kitten, mummy of a, probably deposited in a
hollow bronze cat, 44

Knife, perhaps a razor, 199; model of, inscribed
with name of Thothmes III., 201

Kriosphinx, on a scarab, 106

Kukupha, or dog-headed sceptres, 28 ; see Tab-


Lamps, use of, 337; Christian, ib.; manufactory
of, at Alexandria, ib.; various specimens,
337, 338

Lapis lazuli, figures, 3; imitations of, 179
Laran, the Etruscan Mars, bronze figure of, 342
Latus or carp, called aten, 52; called annu, 81;

beads in shape of, 81, 85
Leather, uses of, 80; sandals, 96
Left foot always advanced in Egyptian figures

represented walking, 25, 28, 54
Legs of an animal, an amulet of unknown

import, 225
Level or square, amulets in shape of the, 234
Life, symbols of, on scarabs, 156—159
Lion, type of Horus, 29, 30; figures, 41;
carved on a corbel, 76 ; on a ring, 95; beads
in shape of, 103; emblems of Horus or
monarchs, various, on scarabs, 113; on sca-
rabs, 123, 153, 167; walking over an enemy,
on a scarab, 137
Lion and bull, figures of a, united, 41, 42
Lion's head, pendant, 85
Lioness, Taur in part takes the form of a, 37
Lions, two conjoined, represent the horizon,
41, 42

Liver, presiding genius of the, 32

Lizard, on a Cypriote cylinder, 341

Lizards, on an amulet, 119; signification of, ib.

Lotus, pendants, 88

Lunar deities, emblematised by the cyno-

cephalus, 40
Lute, or nefer, box in shape of the, 197
Luxor, Amenopheum at, 58


^ proof of its value as m, 257, 260

Ma, goddess of Truth, figures of, 14; emblems
of, 290 ; cubit pedestal of Osiris, the emblem
of, 292; feather emblems of, 50, 293 ; on sca-
rabs, 111, 118; name of, on a scarab, 120

Ma, of Memphis, baton or walking-stick of,
187; prophet of, a title, 72

Maa, superintendent of the beer-cellar, 280

Maa, daughter of Pekames, 298

Maa, a female figure on a tablet, 308
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