Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Ma-an^;, or counterpoise amulets in shape of

the, 227
Maaru, a lady, 313

Maau, or " Place of Waters," inscription relating

to, on a tablet, 231
Macdonald (Major), glass found by, at the

Sarabut-el-Khadim, 179 ; excavations by, at

Mt. Sinai, 339
Mafka, or turquoise, 338

Mahen, or urasus serpent on the foreheads of

deities and kings, 20, 22; goddess, urasus

emblem of, 51
Mai, figures of, 298
Maiau, figure of, on a tablet, 284
Mama, a female figure of, on a tablet, 272;

tablet of, 280
Mama, son of Uiki, name of, on a tablet, 286
Mamau, son of Turmertes, superintendent of

boats, tablet of, 284
Marks of the sacredness of animals, 40
Mars of the Egyptians, 9; see Laran; see Onouris
Mau, or cat, 43

Mau hes, the glaring Hon, a Nubian type of

Horus, 29
Maumau, brother of Abauankh, 274
Mehen, name on a tablet, 317
Memphis, worship of Ptah at, 39 ; vase from a

tomb at, 101, 102; tradition of Ptah at,


Men walking, on an amulet, 121

Men, a conventional form for a name, sepul-
chral figure for, 252

Mendes, or Baentattu, 71

Meneptah I., king, prenomen of, on scarab, 144;
prenomen of, on a bowl, 181

Menhi, or Se^et, goddess, figures of, 6—8; or
Bast, figure of, on a scarab, 110; see Bast

Menkara, or Mencheres, an early monarch, Ra-
ni enka, title of, on a scarab, 134

Menneferemheb, a lady, sepulchral figure of,
250, 251

Ment, Snab son of, 273; Sebaksankh daughter
of, 279

Mentaemha, tablet of, 308
Mentaemha-Taher, 309
Menti, word of uncertain meaning, 135
Mentu, god, name of, on a scarab, 152; the

lord, name of, on a scarab, 136
Mentu, name of a lady, on a tablet, 280

Mentuaa, son of Ranefankh, name of, on a
tablet, 276

Mentuhetp, inscription relating to, 278

Mentu-Ra, god, lotus standard of, 28; hawk-
headed, on a scarab, 105 ; figures of, on
scarabs, 110; figure of, with Harpocrates, on
a scarab, 111; gryphon emblem of, on a
scarab, 114; figure of, on a stamp, 214

Mer, a female, sepulchral scarab of, 240

Mercury of the Egyptians, 18

Merhetp, name of, on a scarab, 160

Meri, daughter of Pekames, 298

Merienptah, goddess, attributes of, 6; avatars
of, 8

Mer Ra, or Mira, name of a priest, on a scarab,

Mersekar, emblems of, on a scarab, 118
Mertefnu, or Mertefru, Takhratankh daughter

of, 315, 316
Merten, a lady, figure of, on a tablet, 302
Merura, a priestess, tablet of, 317
Meshar, figure of, on a tablet, 289
Mesi, figure of, on a tablet, 291
Mestem, or stibium, used as a cosmetic, 97—


Mexican vase, 344
Mineralogical specimens, 339
Minerva of the Egyptians, 15 ; figurine of, 343
Mirrors, use of, 97; specimens of, 102, 103
Mnevis, the bull, figure of, 46
Models of tools, 199—201; of vases, &c, on a
pedestal, 64

Mohammed Ali, obelisk presented by, to Duke
Algernon, 345

Monarch, adoring Ptah, on a scarab, 104; ap-
proaching Amen-Ra, on a scarab, 106

Mons Troicus, or Tourah, Nahamua the mis-
tress of, 19

Monument of Amenophis I. and his queen

Aahmes Neferari, 55, 56
Moon, dichotomised disk of the, worn by %ons,

16; the left eye symbolic of the, 168, 171
Mosaic glass, face composed of, 343; Hut, or

winged disk, 344
Mottoes on scarabs, 158—161
Moulds for casting various figures and amulets,

202, 203

Mummy, figures of triads from network of, 30 •
figures of Qabhsenuf from the outer net-
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