Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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work, 32; beads from outer network of the,
81, 82; objects from tbe outer network of
the, 208—215 ; case for a small animal, 205;
cloth, description and specimens of, 206, 207;
bandages adhering to a ring, 93; of animals,
204, 205

Mummied hawks, in sycamore-wood, 335
Mussel-shell, boxes in shape of the, 198
Mut, goddess, a member of the Theban triad,
15; Nit daughter of, 15; emblematised as
a vulture, 50, 85 ; on a gold riDg " Mut neb
nefer," 91; wife of Amen-Ea, 102; figure of,
on a mirror, 102; suckling Khons, on a scarab,
161; invocation to, on a model coffin, 243
Mut, Amenemsebens son of, 286
Mutau, Amenartas son of, 312
Mutemua, a lady, figures of, on a tablet, 297,

298 ; figure of, 298
Mutemua, a girl, figure of, on a tablet, 304
Mutinas-Chonspa^rat, or Mutinasenchonspa-
%rat, a priest, inscription relating to, on a
scarab, 238

Mutkapenpets, a lady, figure on a tablet, 302
Mut-ta, queen; name of, on a scarab, 151
Mythological representations, 3


Nabupalassar, father of Nebuchadnezzar, name

of, on a brick, 340
Nahab, or Nahabka, goddess, figure of, 32
Nahamua, or Nemesis, figures of, 19, 20
Nana, or Ishtar, goddess, on a Babylonian

cylinder, 341
Nas, wife of Hui, figure of, on a tablet, 283
Nas^onsu, a priestess, sepulchral scarab of, 240
Nasharneteraaptah, a chief, tablet of, 272
Nasisatra, priestess of Amen-Ka, sepulchral

scarab of, 239
Naskheperenhesi, son of Ankhenmat, sepul-
chral figure of, 257
Naskheperenhesi, sepulchral figures of, 259,

Naskheperenhesi, son of Ankhenmau, sepul-
chral figure of, 260
Naskheperhesi, sepulchral figure of, 256
Nasnafneb, name on a pyramidion, 327
Naspamai, or Naspamau, son of Amenartas,
tablet of, 309, 310

Nastep, son of Harsiesis, 315
Nasu^a, statue of Patbanebtattunam son of,
69, 70

Nebart, son of Sebaksankh, 279
Nebau, or Buau, statue given by, 64
Nebnefer, name on a scarab, 156
Nebruan, a girl, figure of, on a tablet, 304
Nebseni, priest of Athor, figure of, on a tablet,

Nebsenu, a boy, figure of, on a tablet, 287
Nebtata, a lady, figure of, on a tablet, 294
Neb-ta-ta-an^, a Pharaonic title, on a duck-
shaped amulet, 117
Nebuchadnezzar, king; name and titles of, on

a Babylonian brick, 340
Nebun, or uraeus goddess, 22
Necheb or Eileithyia, white crown emblem of,

Ne^eb or Nishem, goddess of Victory, vulture

type of, 85 ; emblem of, 88
-^e%eX' or whip of Osiris and Khem, 20
Necklaces, beads or parts of, in form of Bes,

35 ; various, 81 et seq.; rectangular pendants

of a necklace, 129
Nectanebo, hieroglyphics employed to form his

name, 149; notice of, 197 *
Needle, 201

Nefer with double bar, a late form, 154
Neferari, wife of Amenhetf, figure of, on a

tablet, 292, 293 ; aunt of Amenhetf, figure

of, on a tablet, 293
Nefercheres, king, prenomen of, on scarabs,


Nefer-en-ka, name of an early monarch, on an
amulet, 121

Nefer-hetp, a name of %ons, 16 ; tablet relating

to, 270
Nefermen, tablet of, 290
Nefert, statue of, in the Boulaq Museum, 73
Nefertari, son of queen Aahmes, disinheritance

of, 56

Nefer Titi, queen of Amenophis IV., 142

Nefer-Tum, Bast, mother of, 6; son of Ptah and
Bast, 8—10 ; papyrus standard of, 28 ; with
Ra and Thoth, 28; seated figure of, 37;
figure of, 45 ; on a vase, 174

Neferu, name of, on a tablet, 283

-Negro figure, beneath Thothmes III., 135 ; be-
neath Amenophis III., 141
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