Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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; IL> Ascribe
5' on sepulchral\ ■

-182 ,,J

iape of the, 181,182

shell, inanecklace,Si
from animals, 39

kinds of peao^.
ls on scarabs andam^

god; figures of,nut,
in bronze, 4; fijutfs;;
sister of, 25; comas
;h, 26; withNepttk
ral scarab, 238; fc
aubis son of, 31; k
)abhseuuf son of, 32; r.
42; Tat emblem of,s:
gure of, on a i
inscription (
a mummied
, lord of Abydos,iiisE
t 71; bead inskf-
,'stituted for that offe

ed to, 194*1*
274, 275,271 ■
287; the K»J"'

4 on a ^
a shrine

loratwns to »
| adoration of, o ;
figure »r

327; father of


Osiris Pethempamentes, figure of, on a box,

Osiris-Tat, amulets in shape of, 231, 232
Osorchon, Shashank the king, son of, 34
Osortesen, see Usertesen

Ousaphais, king of the 2nd dynasty, sepul-
chral scarabs used in his time, 236, 237
Oval amulets, 137, 138
Owl, emblem: of the soul, 28
Ox, or Cow, figures of the, 46
Oxybaphon vase, 179

Pabastenaa, figure of Petbast, son of, 62, 63

Pacis, or white bull, 46

Pahui, figure of, on a tablet, 308

Pai, a storekeeper of gum, tablet of, 293;
adoration of Anubis by, on a tablet or pyra-
mid, 295

Paiaafbast, or Paifaabast, royal scribe, sepul-
chral case of, 335

Painefu, or Parapanefu, a karheb, tablet of, in
adoration of his father Rahetp, 300, 301

Paint, black and red, on pallets, 189—191

Painted statue of Sennefert, 73

Painters' pallets, 189—191

Paiskartes, Psametik son of, 254

Pakharu, see Amenemheb

Pakhnum, figure of, on a pyramidion, 326

Palestine, conquered by Thothmes III., 60

Pallets, writing, 189—192

Palm-leaf sandals, 96

Pantheistic figure, 18

Pantheon, objects of the, 3 et seq.

Papremite nome, the hippopotamus worshipped
in the, 109

Papyrus, sandals made of, 96; wrapped in
linen, not unrolled, 192 ; boxes sometimes
made of, 193; Papyri, of the Ritual, de-
posited with the dead, in sepulchral cases,

Papyrus-sceptre, in connection with the frog,
52; amulets, 228, 229; amulet beads, 87;
on a scarab, 120; box in shape of, 198; of
wood, from a mummy network, 209, 211

Paqamt, Araru, son of, 312

Parapanefu, see Painefu

Paser, prince, nomarch and governor, statue of,

Pataikos, form of Ptah-Socharis-Osiris, 37
Patbanebtattunam, or Petbanebtetbu, lower

part of a figure of, 69—71
Patera, bronze handle of a Roman, 342; vase

in shape of the, 181
Patui, son of Perpara, inscribed box relating to,


Pauat, inscription concerning her, 191
Pectoral plates with triads, 30, 31; inscribed,
212, 213

Pedestal of sycamore wood, significations of the

shape of the, 43, 44, 45
Pekames, superintendent of gold-working,

tablet of, 296—299
Penamen, figure of, 298; figure of, on a tablet,


Pendants, in various shapes, 208
Penkharu, sepulchral figure of, 251
Penpeten, one of the family of Abauankb,

Pepaui, a superintendent, figure of, on a tablet,

Pepi, a, shepherd king, his prenomen on a
scarab, 122

Perpara, boxes with inscriptions relating to,

Persephone, figure of, 343
Pertet-Bastaufankh, or Per called Bastaufankh,

sepulchral figure of, 254
Petamen, son of Unnefer, sepulchral figure of,

256 ; figure of, 298
Petat, bard of the Karneter, tablet of, 313
Petbanebtetbu, or Patbanebtattunam, son of

Tachutha, lower part of a figure of, holding

a shrine, 69—71
Petbast or Petubastes, son of Pabastenaa, priest

of Bast, figure of, 62, 63
Pethempamentes, Osiris the president of Hades,


Pethesi, or Petisis, name on a scarab, 155
Petneh, name of a functionary on a tablet,

Phamenoth, month; inscription dated in the,

Pharaohs, military exploits of, in connection

with Mentu Ra, 110
Phoenician scarabasus, 154, 340

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