Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Piaui, son of Pekames, 298

Pigeon, loosed at the time of royal coronations,

signifies Kabhsenuf, 329
Pillow, amulets in shape of the, 233
Pipai, daughter of Pekames, figure of, 298
Plumes of the hawk, amulets in shape of,


Pluto of the Egyptians, 20; or Hades, repre-
sented by Osiris, 290

Pomegranate, beads, 81, 82 ; pendants, 87, 214;
specimens of, 185

Porcelain figures, 3

Portraiture, use of, 55

Powders, cosmetic, 97

Prenomens, various unknown, 146—152

Priest, figure of a, 73

Priests, care taken of the sacred animals by,
37, 40; and dignitaries of the temples,
scarabs belonging to, 107

Prism, hexagonal, 90

Prophets, care taken of the sacred animals by,

Psametik, a king; inscription dated in the

11th year of, 62
Psametik, son of Ai, sepulchral figure of, 254;

a chief, son of Paiskartes, sepulchral figure of,


Psametikem^uti, prophet, &c, son of Taneb-
tneith, sepulchral figures of, 255, 256

Psametik-kau, captain of troops, inscription
concerning, 331, 332

Psametiksnab, son of Nitartas, sepulchral
figures of, 255

Psametikua, captain of troops, series of sepul-
chral vases of, 329, 330

Psammetichus I., Bauahab, or Apries, prenomen
of, on a scarab, 146; inscription concerning
him, 175

Pselcis, goddess of the town of, 13

Ptah, the Egyptian Hephaistos or Vulcan,
figures of, 4, 5 ; son of, 8, 9 ; the bull Apis
an incarnation of, 39 ; the Apis bull sacred
to, 46; the husband of Bast, 45; shrine
with a mummied figure of, 69; statue of,
held by an officer, 72; inscription of adora-
tion to, 72 ; figure of, on a ring, 92; in-
scriptions to, on stibium vases, 100, 101 ;
monarch adoring, on a scarab, 104; inscribed
scarabs relating to, 104, 105 ; name of, on

a scarab, 124; beloved of, a title of Ame-
nophis II., 137; standing figure of, on an
amulet, 141 ; mystical inscription relating
to, 334

Ptahemai, son of Pekames, 298
Ptahenheb, figure of, on a tablet, 291
Ptahhetp, born of Tesnekht, consecrated, 309
Ptahhetpt, proper name, on a scarab, 105
Ptahmeri, highpriest of Amen, statue of, 68, 69
Ptahmeri, or Merienptah, a royal scribe of the

treasure, pallet of, 189
Ptahmeri, a lady, figure of, on a tablet, 299
Ptahmes, of high rank, inscribed vase of, 176 ;

chief of the workmen, inscription relating to,

on vases, 100, 177
Ptah-neb, on a scarab, 104
Ptah-Socharis-Osiris, god, figures of, only in

porcelain, 4—6; figure of, in connection
_ with %num, 18 ; the pataikos form of, 37 ;

tablet dedicated to, 272 ; hollow sepulchral

cases in form of, to hold parts of mummies,

333, 334

Ptah-Tai, sepulchral vase, in memory of the

father of, 331
Ptah-Tanen, god, on a ring, 92
Ptolemy, statue of a, 58

Pugillaria, or memorandum books, or writing

tablets, 191, 192, 336
Punt, or Somali, expedition to, 60 ; tablet re:

lating to march of troops from, 268
Pylon, with cornice of uragi, 28 ; stibium case

in shape of a, 100
Pyramid, Kephren builder of the second, 121
Pyramid-shaped amulets, 234
Pyramid-titles, mention of, 139
Pyramidia, described, 324

Pyramidion, significations of, in hieroglyphics,
156 ; specimen of, 326, 327


Qabhsenuf, see Kabhsenuf
Qamutf, mystical appellation of Khem, 15
Qarh, ajar, the Arabic gooleh, 303
Queen, ring of a, 91


Ea, god, or the Sun, figures of, 10—12 ; Selk
the eye of, 13; the right eye symbolic of,
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