Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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f Raines, 29s
r!°f'011 a tabk%,

'riest of Amen Z


it of, 189 %:

r> figure of, onataWet,
a rank,'

icarab, 104
'siris, god, %mi:
~6; figure of, km;
18; the pMkki
ed to, 272; holdiqi
of, to hold parts of

Aral vase, in watts:

1, on a ring, 92
of a, 58

lemorandum books, or n

, expedition to, 60; i
:h of troops from, 3
lice of nisei, 28; ¥

■en builder of the aw-
amulets, 231
mention of, 139

ribed, 324

3n of, 326, 327



al append °L3

a, 91

167—172; Nahamua daughter of, 19;
figure of, with Thoth and Nefer Turn, 28;
hawk emblem of, 48; figures of the goddess
Mahen as an uraus in front of his headdress,
51; inscriptions of adoration to, 67, 69 ;
act of bomage to, 196*; adoration of, 315,
317; hawk-headed scarabeeus an emblem of,
87, 165 ; hawk-headed, with emblems, on a
scarab, 104; hawk-headed figures of, on
tablets, 316, 317 ; or Harmachis, figure of,
on a tablet, 311
Ra-aa-^eperu, prenomen of Amenophis II., on
a gold ring, 91; prenomen on scarabs, 135

Ra aa en %eper, or Ra aa %eper ka, prenomens
of Thothmes I., on amulets and scarabs, 123
Raaui, son of Pekames, 298
Raaumen, brother of Tahutimes, figure of, 300
Ra-^eper-neb, unknown prenomen, 147
Ra %eper neter neb ^eb, on a ring, 93
Ra-en-ma, prenomen of Amenemhat, on a
scarab, 122

Ra Harma^u, adoration and representation of,

Rahetf, governor of a nome, tablet in adoration

of, by his son Painefu, 300, 301
Rahutnekht, name of, on a tablet, 317
Ra-kheper-ka, prenomen of Usertesen I., 266,

267 ; on a scarab, 134; inscription on a box,


Ram, emblem of Chnum or Chnoumis, figures
of the, 47 ; head of a, in coloured glass, 216

Ram-headed lion, or kriosphinx, on a scarab,

Ra ma, the truth of Amen Ra, on a scarab,

Ra-ma-ka, title of queen Hatasu, 59 ; preno-
men, on scarabs, 124

Ra ma nefer, prenomen of an unknown king,

Ra-men-ka, prenomen of King Mencheres, on

a scarab, 134
Ra -men-kheper, title of Thothmes III., 60; on

a ring, 93 ; on scarabs, 106, 124—135
Ra-men-kheper, inscriptions relating to, on

tools, 200, 201
Ra-men-^eperu, prenomen of Thothmes IV.,

on a signet ring, 92
Ra-men^-hat, unknown prenomen, 146

Ra men ma, prenomen of Seti I., on scarabs,

127, 128, 134, 143
Ra men neb, name of an unknown monarch, 146
Ra men ta ta, unknown prenomen, 150
Ra men uah, unknown prenomen, 146
Ra-mer-^ru, prenomen of King Ai I., on a

scarab, 123
Rameri, figure of, on a tablet, 291
Rameri, superintendent of magazines of a

temple, tablet of, 299
Rameses I., king, name and titles of, on sca-
rabs, 143; prenomen of, on a cartouche-
bead, 214

Rameses II., king, costume of his period, 72;
inscribed title of, 72; prenomen, Ra-user-
ma, on a ring, 94; prenomen of, on a ring
model, 221; prenomens on scarabs, 144,
165 ; horses of, 154

Rameses III., king, figures of, on the walls of
Tel-el-Yahoudeh, 78; title of, on a porcelain
scaraboeus, 82; name of, on a scarab, 145 ;
copper sepulchral figure of, 247

Rameses IV., king, prenomen of, 9; name of,
on scarabs, 145

Rameses VI., king, arragonite sepulchral figures
of, 247, 248

Rameses, a scribe of the table, sepulchral figure
of, 249

Ranakar, brother of Tata, figure of, on a se-
pulchral tablet, 265
Ra neb ma, title of Amenophis III., 56—58;

on rings, 93—95
Ra neb Ma ta em Ra, on a ring, 92
Ra-neb-nefer, royal prenomen, on a ring, 94
Ra-neb-teser, prenomen of an unknown king,

on a scarab, 116
Ra neb uas, unknown prenomen, 147
Ranefankh, family of, 276
Ra-nefer, early royal title, 150, 151
Ra-nefer-ka, prenomen of Nefer-ka-ra or Ne-

pher-cheres, on scarabs, 122
Ranefsnab, figure of, on a tablet, 275 ; name

of, on a tablet, 276
Ranfankh, a lady, 325
Ranfsnab, tablet of, 272
Ranran, name on a tablet, 280
Ransnab, mother of Hataa, 277 ; name on a

tablet, 279 ; Haremsa, son of, 280; Han,

son of, ib.

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