Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Ra-nub-^eper, prenomen of Antef IV., on a
scarab, 122

Ra-nub-kau, prenomen of Amenemha II., 268

Ra-renpa-nefer, on a scarab, 115

Ras'a for Saafra, name of Kephren or Cha-

bryes, a king of tbe fourtb dynasty, on

scarabs, 121
Rasa, a scribe, 274

Ra-sba-kbeper, prenomen of Usertesen II.,

Rasu, an arcbitect, tablet of, 286

Rat, inscribed amulet, 105

Ra-tat-ka, or Tat-kara, name of Tancheres, on

a scarab, 121
Ra, tser ^eperu, prenomen of Haremhebi, on

scarabs, 143
Ra-tser-ka, prenomen of Amenopbis I., 56, 123
Rauahab, prenomen of Psammetichus I., 175
Ra-user-ma, tbe title of Rameses II., 72; on a

finger-ring, 94
Razor, use of tbe, 97
Reel-sbaped objects, 77, 202
Rehu, daughter of Tatau, figure of, on a tablet,


Rekb, a scribe, inscription concerning him on

a head-rest, 77
Repa, signification of the title, 61, 62; a princely

office, 72 -

Rer, a king of the 16th dynasty, name on a
scarab, 163

Rhea of the Egyptians, 25

Rings, descriptions of, 80 ; porcelain, 82 ; pen-
annular, specimens and uses of, 90; speci-
mens of, 91—96 ; models of, 219—221

Ritual, or Book of the Dead, 13, 14; figures
and text from the, on mummy-cloths, 206,
207; texts from, on linen mummy-cloth,
206, 207; on scarabaei, 213; on a heart, 223;
on a square tablet, 229—231; on sepulchral
scarabs, 236—242 ; on a model coffin, 244 ;
on sepulchral figures, 246; explanation of
scenes from the, 295 : text of the 89th
chapter, on a tablet, 316 ; the 125th chapter
placed on wooden sepulchral tablets, 319,

Roman figure of Isis and Horus, 342

Rome, emperor of, probable representation of,

29 ; statue of an emperor of, 58
Rows of figures on a remarkable tablet, 299

Royal titles, on scarabs, 153—155

Rua, figure on a tablet, 289 ; figure of, 298

Ruau, or Nebau, statue made by, in memory of

his brother Ruausnab, 64; figure of Ruau-

snab son of, 64
Ruausnab, or Snab, inscribed figure of, 63, 64
Runaru, a royal scribe, and scribe of young

troops, dedication by, of a sphinx to Thoth-

mes III., 42, 43
Ruru, priestess of Amen, sepulchral scarab of,


Rusta, lord of, a title of Osiris, 305
Rutf, a scribe, figure of, on a tablet, 306


Saafra, see Ras'a

Sa-antu, Hektnefert, son of, 326

Sabaco, monarch, name of, on a porcelain figure,

3 ; figure of one of the family of, 58
Sabakipa, figure of, in a group, 65, 66
Sabak Ra, offering to, on a scarab, 144
Sabti, or Usabti, "respondents," the name given

to the sepulchral figures, 246
Sabu, the jackal, 45
Saheka, a priest, 276

Sakheperhesi, sepulchral figures of, 256, 259,
260; son of Ankhmat, sepulchral figure of, 260

Sam, or union, amulets in shape of the hiero-
glyphic for, 232, 233

Samian, false, lamp of ware so called, 337

Samneh, or Samennu, island of, 62; building
at, 134

Sandals not older than the fifth century, B.C.,

80; uses and various specimens of, 96
Sarabut-el-Khadim, glass fragments found at

the, in Sinai, 179
Saru, guardian of the house of Kheperka,

tablet of, 285
Saruchi, prophet, name of, on a heart, 224
Sarui, name on a tablet, 286
Sataiemhetp, or Khaitemhetp, son of Tataut-

hesi, sepulchral figure of, 256, 257
Sati, emblem of, on a scarab, 117
Satperha, name of, on a tablet, 276
Satp-hat, Ranfsnab son of, 273
Satran, Harsebak son of, 280 ; Snabfent son

of, ib.; Han daughter of, ib.
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