Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Serapeum, animal worship, illustrated by dis-
coveries at, 39

Serpent, winged, on a scarab, 113

Sesen, seat of the worship of Thoth, 11;
Tahuti lord of, 18; Nahamua mistress. of,

S'estaru%a, royal tank made at, 138
Set> or Typhon, Osiris destroyed by his brother,
20; triumph of Haroeris over him, 26 ; the
hippopotamus sacred to, 109
Sethos, or Seti I., king, prenomen of, on amu-
lets, 143; prenomens of, on scarabs, 127,
128, 133, 134; wooden sepulchral figure of,
250 ; wooden sepulchral figures for his tomb,

Seti Meneptah, on an inlaid tile, 78
Setnefer, name on a scarab, 155
Settas, Harsipaneter, son of, 253
Sha, royal scribe, inscription concerning him,
191 *

Shaaemmennefer, figure of, on a tablet, 304
Shabak, or Sabaco, prenomen of, on a scarab,

Shamu, Hesihat daughter of, 261

Shashank, a king of the 22nd dynasty, dedi-
cates a figure of Bes to Isis, 34

Shells, strung on a necklace, 82

Shendy in Nubia, forms of worship at, 30

Shepsi, daughter of Urneb, 279

Sheshanq I., see Shishak I.

Shesiharnefer, figure of, on a tablet, 289

Shetkhonsu, a superintendent, sepulchral figure
of, 253

Shishak, or Sheshanq I., prenomen of, on a
scarab, 145 ; name of, on a strap end, 212

Shrine, with Se^et, or Bast, seated, 8; of
Osiris, on a boat, 293

Shuttle-shaped bead, 89

Sigillaria, Boman, 342

Signet rings, 91—96

Silurus fish in a necklace, 81

Silver figures, 4

Sinai, Mount; fragment of a rock from, with

turquoise vein, 339
Sinai, flint flakes found at, 199
Siout or Lycopolis, jackals embalmed at, 45
Siphthah, king, name of, on a scarab, 144
Sisois, surnamed Amenoth, son of Sisois, 335
Sistrum, on a pylon, name of Se%et, on amulets,

114, 116; and cornice, emblem of Se^et, on

a scarab, 115
Situlus, or small bucket, specimens of, 173, 174
Slave-girl, stibium vase in shape of, 98
Snab, or Buausnab, figure of, inscribed, 63, 64 ;

a scribe of the inner palace, 273; name on

a tablet, 277
Snaba, a magistrate, 274
Snabef, figure of, on a tablet, 275, 277
Snabenset, officer of the place of beer, 280
Snaberau, figure of, on a tablet, 285
Snabfent, son of Satran, 280
Snake goddess, Nahab, 32 ; mummy, 205
Socharis, god, figure of, 12; Usertesen son of

Ap, superintendent of the prophets of the

Boat of, 61

Socotora, or Ta-neter, expedition of Queen

Hatasu to, 60
Soldiers, various figures of, on a bas-relief, 59,


Somali, or Bunt, expedition of Queen Hatasu
to, 60

Sos, or Su, the Egyptian Hercules, 12, 13;
figures of, only in porcelain, 4; a form of the
Sun and Horus, name and titles of, on a
scarab, 111 ; inscriptions concerning him,

Sothis, or dogstar, identified with Nephthys, 25
Souchis, deity, see Sebak

Soul, hawk with human head, the emblem of
the, 49, 295 ; placed upon wooden tablets,
320; Ba, on a tablet, 322

Sow, perhaps emblem of Set or Typhon, figures
of the, 47, 48

Spatulas, specimens of, 199

Sphinx, hu, or akar, inscribed figure of a, 42 ;
Harmachis typified as a, 43; emblem of
Harmachis, on a scarab, 109; on a ring, 93;
figures of the, on scarabs, 149; plumed, on
a scarab, 113; and uraeus, emblem of Thoth-
mes III., on a scarab, 125; Thothmes III.
represented as a, on scarabs, 125,135 ; Ame-
nophis III. represented as a, 139

Sphinxes couchant, representing Thothmes III.,
on a scarab, 130, 131

Spinning and weaving, goddess of, 15

Spiritual or mystical wives, 145

Spoon-shaped toilet boxes, 197*, 198

Springs of wire, gold finger-rings with, 93
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