Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Square beads, 88

Sshnin, name of, on a tablet, 283

Stamps, inscribed, 214

Stand of offerings on a step for inlaying, 79

Standard, Jackal, 46

Statue, seated figure of Sennefert, one of the

oldest known statues, 73
Statues of females, unnamed, 74, 75
Steatite, glazed, early figures of, 54 et seq.
Stefaapa^rat, priestess of Amen, statue of, 74,


Steps placed to wooden tablets, 320

Stibium vases, 178, 179, 182

Stone figures, 3, 54 et seq.

Strap, from a mummy bandage, 212

Stud, oval, 89 ; mushroom-shaped, 172

Stylus, use of the, 97; specimens of, 99, 101

Su, or Sos, the Egyptian Hercules, 12, 13;

confounded at a late period with %ons, 16
Suah-en-ra, prenomen of a king, on a scarab,


Suatanabutu, Amensat daughter of, 276

Sun, lily of the, 9; orb of the, the egg of Ra,
10; connected with Isis, 25; boat of the,
28 ; rising, typified by Harpa^rat, 28; scara-
bosus emblems of the, 53

Sutimes, royal scribe, name of, on a heart, 224

Sycamore tree of goddess Nut, 295

Symbolic eye, or Uta, use of the, 103; on sca-
rabs, 114; of the cow of Athor, their various
forms and uses, 114, 167—172; inscribed
amulet in shape of, 140—142

Syria conquered by Thothmes III., 60


Ta, inscription relating to him, 196; son of

Urneb, figure of, on a tablet, 279
Taa, a lady, chief of the harem, figure of, on a

tablet, 305; superintendent of the silver

house, figure of, on a tablet, 305
Ta-aa, Harsiesis son of, 253, 254
Ta-aahu, inscription concerning her, 191
Ta...u, son of Akhi, 279, 280
Tablets, or cippi, 28, 29; in calcareous stone,

history and styles of, 263 et seq.; inscribed

square, with papyrus sceptre, 229; inscribed

with a variant text, 230, 231
Ta^et-hesi, obscure name on a scarab, 155
Tachutha, or Tachuta, statue of Patbanebtattu-

nam, son of, 69, 70
Ta-Ek, name on a scarab, 164
Tahreri, Katuat born of, 254
Tahuti, see Thoth

Tahutiemakhu, or Tahutiemheb, secondary
prince or governor, inscription concerning
him, on a vase, 175

Tahutimes, or Thothmes, figure of, on a tablet,

Tahutimes, figure of, on a tablet, 300

Tai, queen, wife of Amenophis HI., tank made

to the royal wife Tai, 138; name of, on

scarabs, 138, 139, 141

female, figure of, on a tablet, 278
Tait, daughter of Uiki, name of, on a tablet,


Takara, a royal captain, tablet of, 289
Takhebu, Takhrotanbast, daughter of, 311
Takhet, a lady, 309

Takhratankh, a sistrum player of Osiris, tablet
of, 315

Takhrotanbast, daughter of Har, tablet of, 310,

Takhuata, TJahabra, son of, 257—259
Tancheres, name of, on a scarab, 121
Tanebtneith, Psametikem^uti, son of, 255, 256
Tanefer, a female, figure of, on a tablet, 278
Ta-neter, the supposed Socotora, expedition to,

60; or Arabia, inscription relating to, 269
Tank, constructed by Amenophis III., 138
Tantsenti, a female, figure of, 304
Tantuabi, a lady, figure of, on a tablet, 303
Tasa^uns, or Tasakhonsu, sepulchral figure of,


Tasamena, a female, tablet of, 320

Ta-sa-ta, an officer, 191

Tashat, inscription relating to him, 196

Tat, or Nilometer, emblem of stability, type of
Osiris, figure of the, 53; description and
various specimens of, 209—211; symbol, on
scarabs, 158 ; and other symbols, on a sca-
rab, 115 ; object in shape of the, 78 ; amu-
lets in shape of, 232; inscribed box relating
to, 196

Tata, inscription relating to him, 196
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