Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Tata, or Tatau, superintendent of the temple of

Ainsi, sepulchral tablet of, 264; Sebakhotep

son of, 279
Tata, a lady, figure of, on a tablet, 281
Tataau, figure of, on a tablet, 284 , .

Tatat, figure of, on a sepulchral tablet, 265
Tat-Athor, name on a sepulchral figure, 253
Tataui, a female, figure of, 304
Tatauthesi, Sataiemhetp son of, 256
Tat-ha, tablet of, 303
Tathar, Harsihesi son of, 254
Tat-kara, or Tancheres, on a scarab, 121
Tatkhrat, name on a scarab, 155
Tattu, or Abusir, Osiris lord of, 53
Tattusebak, name on a tablet, 276
Tatua, figure of, on a tablet, 265
Tat-un, god, Usertesen I., worshipped as, 134
Taur, allied with Bes, 37 ; or Thoueris, wife of

Typhon, various figures of, 37, 38 ; beads

in shape of, 84 ; pendant figures of, 208
Tef, or Tefnu, Su the brother of, 12
Tefa, Pakhnum son of, 327
Teftefa, name of, on a tablet, 276
Tel-el-Amarna, attempt to establish the capital

of Egypt at, 58
Tel-el-Yahoudeh, tile from the palace, 78;

description of the ruins, ib.; scarab found at,


Teleute, or end of all things, a form of Nebta,

Temple, bas-relief from a, 59
Temples, sacred animals kept in the courts of,

Tennas, name of, on a papyrus sceptre amulet,

Ten-nub-nefer, or Tentnefer, sepulchral scarab
of, 239

Tent^ons, priestess of Amen, pectoral plate

with her name, 213
Tentyris, Nahamua mistress of, 19
Tep, sculptured figure of, 65, 66
Tephkratkhen, Uta son of, 259
Teri, wife of Nebseni, figure of, on a tablet, 288
Teser, or red crown, on a scarab, 120
Tesnekht, Ptahhetp bom of, 309
Tessera, pentagonal, from a mummy, 335 ; use

of tesseree, 336
Teta, Akarsnab son of, 276; priest of Amen,

figure of, on a tablet, 284

T'etaauftankh, tablet of, 318
Tetarasankh, T'etaauftankh son of, 318
T'etptahaufankh, son of the prophet Hata, 312
Thebes, jackals embalmed at, 45; Ka-hut, or
white bull, sacred to Khem at, 46; frog
emblem rarely found at, 52; statue of a
superintendent of royal granaries in the
southern city, 67; Tser mennu, a temple at,
129 ; models of tools found at, 200
Thebaid titles of Thothmes III., 126
Theban triad, composition of the, 15, 16, 40;

Mut, the second figure of the, 50
Thoth, or Tahuti, figures of, 10, 11; god,
figures of, 10,11, 18,19 ; seat of his worship
at Hermopolis, 11; Nahamua allied with,
19; figure of, with Ea, &c, 28; the cynoce-
phalus ape an emblem of, 40; ibis emblem
of, 50; cynocephalus of, on a scarab, 112;
inscription from a scarab relating to, 130;
adoration of, on a scarab, 140; the left eye
symbolic of a lunar god, 171; inventor of
speech, patron of scribes, 189; dedication
to, on a pallet, 189—191; composes the
sepulchral formulae, 237; opens doors to
admit the winds to the coffin of the de-
ceased, 312; figure of, on a tablet, 320
Thothmes I., king, prenomen of, on amulets

and scarabs, 123
Thothmes II., king, name of his wife Haseps,

on a scarab, 124
Thothmes III., king, portrait of, as a sphinx,
42, 43; his sister, Queen Hatasa, reigns
during his minority, 59; his title Ra-men-
Kheper, 60; victorious march of his army,
on a bas-relief, 60; conquers Palestine and
Syria, renders tributary Assyria and Babylon,
60; Ra-men-^eper and sphinx, 93; preno-
men of, 9 ; prenomen on a bugle, 217; pre-
nomen on a dagger, 187 ; prenomen of, on
a scarab, 106 ; prenomens of, and titles of,
on scarabs, 124—128, 129—135 ; builds a
temple called Tser mennu, at Thebes, 129 ;
kneeling figure of, on a scarab, 130; anxious
to preserve memorials of Usertesen I., 134 ;
builds Samneh, ib.; glass bottle of time of,
in the British Museum, 172, 179; tools
with inscriptions relating to, 200, 201 ;
name of, on a model knife, 201; inscrip-
tion on a scarab referring to the death of, 130
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