Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Thothmes IV., king, prenomen Ramen^eperu,

on a ring, 92
Thoueris, see Taur

Tigris, river; Thothmes III. advances to the,

Tile for inlaying, 78

Timothy, archbishop of the Thebaid, lamp
of, 338

Tirhakah, king of Assyria, statue of, 58

Titaf, figure of, on a tablet, 278

Titirasu, figure of, on a tablet, 287

Toad, emblem of a deity, figures of the, 51,
52; inscribed with figure of Bes, 111; with
engraved base, 162; sacred to an unknown
god, ib.; figure of, on a Greek lamp, 338 ;
symbol of resurrection, ib.

Toilet, objects of the, 80—182

Tomb, bas-relief from a, 59

Tools, carved handles of, 74 ; use and material
of, 199—201

Tourah, or Mons Troicus, Nahamua the mis-
tress of, 19

Tna, name of a lady, or festival, on a scarab,

Transformation of the deceased into a hawk,

Triad, of Memphis, 8, 9 ; of Thebes, 15, 16 ;
of Horus, Isis, and Nephthys, 30, 31

Trismegistos, a title of Thoth, 10

Troops, or young guards, word applied to, on
a scarab, 160

Truth, goddess and tribunal of, 14; emblems
of, on a stamp, 214 ; see Ma

Tser mennu, a temple at Thebes, name of, on
a scarab, 129

Tu, a concubine, sepulchral scarab of, 239

Tuarara, a scribe of the treasury, pallet of,
inscribed, 191

Tuautmutf, second genius of Karneter, figures
of, 32 ; in a necklace, 82; inscription relating
to, on a vase, 329; jackal-headed sepulchral
vases of, 330, 331; inscriptions relating to,
on sepulchral vases, 331; head of, from a
vase, in a box, 332

Tuemenhetf, a female, 278

Tui, daughter of Ptahmeri, figure of, 300

Turn, or Atum, god; group of, with Isis,
12 ; name of, on a scarab, 125 ; inscriptions
relating to, 231; figure of, on a tablet, 322;

inscription relating to, on a sepulchral case,

Tumertes, Mamau son of, 284, 285
Tum-Nefer, see Nefer-Tum
Turquoise, false, 179 ; or mafka, specimens of,

Tutan^amen, a monarch, his name on an
amulet, 142; names of, on ring models, 221
Tweezers, use of, 97

Typhon, Taur or Thoueris, the wife of, 37


Uahabra, captain of young troops, prophet of
Haremhebi, sepulchral figures of, 257—259 ;
son of Uta and Takhuata, prophet of TJati
or Buto in Bubastus, sepulchral figure of,

Uahabra Heb, sepulchral figures of, 258 ; or
Apries, sepulchral vases of, 331, 332

Uahka, son of Amenemha, figure of, on a
tablet, 275

Uahprahat, Aiemhetp, son of, 323

Uaput, high-priest of Amen-Ra, name of, on a
strap end, 212

TJas, or Thebes, the obelisk of, on a scarab, 156

Uasem, see Kukupha

Uat, or Buto, goddess; red crown emblem of,
68 ; emblem of, 88 ; the ichneumon, sacred
to, 116 ; urseus of, on a tablet, 321; invoca-
tion of, 309

Uathetp, a lady, 312

Uatranmeni, figure of, on a tablet, 287

Uiki, descendants of, 286

Ukhas, surname of Herahernebuas, 67

Unguent-vase, of the Roman period, 344

Unnefer, Petamen son of, 256

Urseus serpent, on the foreheads of deities or
kings, 20; emblem of Mahen and other
goddesses, figures of the, 51; with solar
disk, on a ring, 96; the emblem of Athor,
114 ; a favourite device for the signet, 119 ;
on scarabs, 114—116, &c.

Urcei, six, with tails conjoined, on a scnrab,
119; four, conjoined, 117

Uri, a lady, inscribed box relating to, 195

Urnaru, daughter of Pekames, 298

Urneb, Ta son of, 279

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