Angell, Samuel
Sculptured metopes discovered amongst the ruins of the ancient city of Selinus in Sicily by William Harris and Samuel Angell in the year 1823 — London, 1826

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The most honourable and firm principles, a mild and very amiable dis-
position,with man) accomplishments, united to claim for Mr. Harris confidence
and affection as a friend and fellow-traveller, and to render him a blessing to
his family; while his superior abilities, his various acquirements, his assi-
duity and entire devotion in the pursuit of his profession, the progress he
had already made in its study, and his enthusiastic predilection for it as an art,
caused his untimely end to be regretted as a loss to society. The concurring
testimony of several enlightened travellers who met him in Sicily, and who
have lamented his premature death and the loss of his talents and taste, gives
assurance that there is no undue1 partiality in this tribute to the memory of a
much esteemed and most valued friend.
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