Angell, Samuel
Sculptured metopes discovered amongst the ruins of the ancient city of Selinus in Sicily by William Harris and Samuel Angell in the year 1823 — London, 1826

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defeated in a grand battle, in which Pentathlus and many of his
associates fell, the surviving' adventurers abandoned Sicily and
settled at Lipari1.

After an interval of seventeen Olympiads, during which pe-
riod the ancient historians are silent with regard to Selinus, the
next event noticed by them in which she is concerned, affords a
proof that she was not exempt from such intestine commotions
as occasionally agitated every Grecian republic.

In the sixty-seventh Olympiad, Euryleon, a Spartan, with
other Lacedaemonian adventurers, having Dorieus, the son of
Anaxandridas, of the royal line of the Agidse, for their leader, had
joined in an enterprise for the recovery of the western parts of
Sicily, as the patrimony of the Heraclidae. They failed how-
ever in their object, being overcome in an engagement with the
Phoenicians and jEgestans, in which Dorieus and the greater
part of his followers were slain. Euryleon survived, and made
himself master of Heraclea Minoa, a colony of the Selinun-
tians, whence he proceeded to Selinus itself, which he liberated
from the tyranny of its monarch Pythagoras"; but having him-
self usurped the supreme authority, the people, exasperated, rose
in a tumult against him, and slew him at the altar of Jupiter
Agoreus3, where he had taken sanctuary.

' Diod. Sic. lib. v. 9. Pausau. Phoc. c. II. following Antioehus, the Syracusan liisto-
rinn, gives rather a ililleicnt aecounl of the (iiiulian e\pcdi(ion : he relates, that (he Gni-
dians were excelled from a city they hail built at Pachynus, by the Elynii and Pheeiiiehnis.

5 Herod, lib. v. 47.

' Agoreus, a title given to Jupiter in consequence of his altar being placed in the ayogu,
forum, or public place, as the Minerva Agorca at Sparta, and Mercury Agoreus at Athens.
Pausao. I.acon. e. I Land lb. Atticis. c. 15.
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