Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1894-1895

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Egypt Exploration Fund.

execution of this excellent project, but some progress lias been made and
certain negative results at least obtained upon the north-eastern and
eastern portions of the ancient city. I shall have frequent occasion later
to speak of Sig. Botti's work.

As a result of the stimulus given to exploration by the scheme above
mentioned a local archasological society was formed, the members being
drawn from all nationalities; and in 1893 a communication reached the
Hellenic Society of London, asking for a grant-in-aid. Being at that
time under orders to proceed to Egypt on behalf of the Egypt Explora-
tion Fund, I was asked by the Committee of the Hellenic Society to report
on the matter. I did so in April, 1894, and a small grant was made
subsequently from the funds of the Society. The main result of my
visit, however, had been to inform me how much uncertainty hung still
over Alexandrian topography, and how little was known definitely either
as to the existence of buried art treasures or the feasibility of recovering
them ; and therefore, in the course of the summer of 1894,1 recommended
to both the Egypt Exploration Fund and the Hellenic Society that it
was advisable to expend a small sum in testing the site. Backed by
these two societies, I came accordingly to Alexandria in the middle of
February, 1895, and with the co-operation of Messrs. E. F. Benson and
E. It. Bevau, of the British Archaeological School at Athens, conducted
excavations for more than two months. My two coadjutors were con-
cerned mainly with the trials which we made in the eastern cemeteries
(v. infra for their "Report), which are in the main on Government land.
I personally looked after the soundings in the town itself. For driving
galleries under the mound of Fort Kom el Dikk, General Sir Forestier
Walker had most kindly placed sappers at my disposal; and for this
favour and help which I received in carrying out this part of the work
I have to thank him and the other military authorities. My requests
for leave to sink shafts in the town were met everywhere with ready
acquiescence, and especially I have to thank Baron J. de Menasce, the
brothers de Zogheb, and Messieurs Pandeli Salvago and Poilay Bey, the
manager of the Daira Toussoun. Mr. Beeves, of the Imperial Ottoman
Bank, and Mr. Goussio, of the Anglo-Egyptian, did me great service
in smoothing my way, and Signor Botti in giving me information about
localities. The Societies, which I represented, owe to them all gratitude,
and not less to Sir Charles Cookson, K.C.M.G., C.B., and to Rear-
Admiral and Mrs. Blomfield, who helped me much with the preliminary
negotiations and while the work was in progress. The portable objects
found were given, so far as I had a right to give them, to the local
loading ...