Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1894-1895

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Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


From Lower Egypt:—

Dahshur. Inscriptions of the Xlltli Dynasty. (De Morgan, Fouilles
a Balicliour, 1894.)

Saqqareh. Religious inscriptions in the tomb of Psemtek. (Daressy,
Bee. de Tr. xvii. 17.)

Memphis. Stela of king Tutankhamen (I.e. xvi. 124).

GizEii. Stela of the third year of king Ay (from a temple near the
Great Pyramid).

Sajimannud. Statue of Saite period {I.e. 126).

Tideh (near Buto). Cartouche of Khufu.

Simbellawin. Fragmentary inscription on a statue. (Foucart, I. c.
xvii. 100.)

Of other hieroglyphic inscriptions, generally without specified locality,
we may note ;—

Stela of Akhenaten re-worked and inscribed under Horemheb
(Daressy, Bee. de Tr. xvi. 123.)

Fragment with cartouches of Teos, and a stela of Ptolemy Soter {/. c.

Inscription of a priest of Khufu, Khafra, and Dadefra under Saite
kings. (Chassinat, I. c. xvii. 54.)

A hundred lithographed pages of texts of all periods from the Xllth
Dynasty onwards, carefully copied from the originals in the Gizeh
Museum. (Piehl, Inscr. liierog. rec. en ligypte, 3me serie, i. planches :
commentary to follow.)

Several tests by Wiedemann. {Mec. de Tr. xvii. 1, and Proc. Soc. Sill.
Arch, xvii.)

Inscription on a cubit in the Louvre by M. Pierret. (Proc. I.e.)

Hieeatic inscriptions and papyri. We owe much to Dr. Spiegelberg,
who has fixed the age of a large group of documents, hitherto unplaced,
to the reign of Herhor, first king of the XXIst Dynasty. A number
of these, preserved in the Bibliotheque Rationale in Paris, are excellently
edited by him, with some photographic facsimiles (Correspondances du
temps des rois-pretrcs, avec autre fragments ipistol aires de la BUiliotlwque
Rationale, from Notices et Extraits des MSB. de la Bill. Nat. Tome
xxxiv.). Their importance is chiefly philological. Other documents
commented on by him last year are now published in facsimile. (Bee. de
Tr. xvi. 185.)

Daressy publishes transcriptions of a fragment of the well-known

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