Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1894-1895

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Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


texts, with Pierret's version and sundry introductory matter. (Davis,
The Egyptian Booh of the Dead).

Daressy has printed several early funerary texts from coffins of the
Middle Kingdom (Rec. de trav. xvi. 130), and Lieblcin Las transcribed
some very late texts from papyri of the Roman period. (Le Livre "que
mon norm fleurisse.")

We also note Chassinat's translation of the " book of protecting the
divine bark." (Bee. de trav. xvi. 105.)

Breasted's edition of the Hymn to Aten is a careful work with a good
introduction, pointing out the effect that Akhenaten's heresy had in
making hymns to the Sun popular after the heresy itself had been rooted
out. (Dissertation, Be hymnis in solem.)

Wiedemann's Ancient Egyptian Doctrine of Immortality is a revised
and illustrated translation of his article in the Jahrliichcr des Vereins von
Alter thvm*freunde im Blieinlande, heft Ixxxvi. (1888).

Borchardt has commented on the texts inscribed upon the earliest
ushabtis. (Zeits. f. A. s. xxxii. 111.)

Lefebure continues bis Etude sur Abydos, and Mr. Renouf has written
a note on the Bow in the Egyptian Sky. (Froc. 8. B. A. xvi.)

A statue of Set altered to Chnum, from thePosno collection, is described
in the Recueil de Travaux (xvi. 167). At Hieropytna, in Cyprus, a relief
has been discovered relating to the Isiac mysteries (I. c. 162).

A bronze figure of Isis of rude workmanship, and with rough silver-
plating such as is known from Phoenicia, is published by Mr. W. L.
Nash, from his own collection. (Proc. S. B. A. xvii.)


Prof. Petrie's Egyptian Tales (first series) is well illustrated by Mr.
Tristram Ellis, and many of the notes appended to the translations are
very instructive.

Science, Etc.

Loret has discussed at length a receipt at Edffi for the preparation of
the " superfine liquid extract of styrax " for offering to the gods, with
especial reference to the identification of the substances named in it.
He has also identified the Egyptian name for bitumen. (Bee. de trav.
xvi. 134, ff.)

M. Berthelot has analyzed a number of Egyptian objects in metal, more
especially from the great find at Dahshur. And MM. Loret and Florence
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