Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1898-1899

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Amelineau, Les Nouvelles Fouilles d'Abydos, 1895-6, presents the final
memoir (4to) on the first two years of excavation in the marvellous necro-
polis at Abydos, with partial publication of inscriptions, including several
of interest for the late periods. The chief interest, of course, attaches to
the royal tombs of the earliest period, and to these M. Amelineau devotes
numerous pages, without, however, recording many facts of value to
archaeology. It is to be feared that the information which the sands of
Abydos had guarded for so many thousands of years on that remote period
of Egyptian history has been thrown to the winds by the spades of his
excavators. The plates reproduce in photography a number of interesting
vases, ushabtis, and other objects of all periods discovered in the course of
the diggings, including several inscribed monuments, jar-sealings, &c, &c,
of the earliest kings or of their subjects. But the whole work—excavation
and publication alike—whether we look at the plates or at the text, or try
to correlate the one with the other, is an extraordinarily naive confession
of the author's unfitness for his great task. Let us hope that some traces
of the royal tombs still remain undisturbed, and that from these an
authentic picture of them and of their surroundings may in part at least be
restored during the coming: season.

Amelineau, Les Nouvelles Fouilles d'Abydos, 1897-8. A preliminary
report (8vo) on the third season's excavations at Abydos, including an
account of the shrine of Osiris in the necropolis. Keviewed by Max
Muller in Or. Litt. Zeit. ii. 50.

Amelineau, Le Tombeaii d'Osiris, with five plates and plan (4to). This
is the full description of the curious shrine of Osiris in which M. Amelineau
found the recumbent granite figure of Osiris on a bier. The excavation of
the tombs surrounding it and of the tomb of King Perabsen is described, as
well as that of a king whose title Amelineau—as against all Egyptologists
—reads into an indication that the sepulchre was that of the heroes Horus
and Set. After the same fashion he would have us believe that a skull
found in his diggings is that of Osiris himself; no wonder that in a note
printed at the end of the memoir this relic is pronounced on good authority
not to be human !

Publications of Texts.
El Kab. Graffiti; Sayce, P. 8. B. A. xxi. 111.

Karnak. Numerous inscriptions in Benson and Gourlay's Temple of
Mut in Asher, edited by P. E. Newberry.

Der el Bahri. The third volume of M. Naville's publication of the
temple contains the end of the inscriptions relating to the childhood of
loading ...