Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1899-1900

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Gkaeco-Roman Egypt.


the appearance of the second Oxyrhynchus volume lias caused the abandon-
ment of several more in an appendix ; and it is to be feared that many of
those which now remain, or which are now put forward for the first time, are
as little able to stand the test of time. Some of them, indeed, have already
been successfully challenged by Dr. Schubart in an able dissertation on
the military system of the Ptolemies,1,1 which displays praiseworthy caution
and common sense in frankly recognizing that on many points the extant
evidence does not admit of any even probable conclusions. Nevertheless,
one must be grateful to Dr. Meyer for his laborious collection of materials,
and for a discussion of them which, if used with due care, will be found
profitable and instructive. Dr. Schubart's treatise gives ground for hopes
of excellent work in the future on a larger scale, for which his new post
should give him ample opportunities.

Yet one other section of papyri has formed the subject of a special
treatise during the past year, at the hands of Prof. Gradenwitz of
Konigsberg, who has published the first part of an. introduction to the
study of papyri from the juristic point of view.16 Much of it is couched
rather in the form of instruction to beginners, who are shown how to restore
mutilated texts, and how to analyze the structure of the various contracts
(loans, leases, sales, and the like) which occur so frequently among the
papyri; but the analyses will doubtless be found interesting by students
of ancient jurisprudence, and in the course of the detailed examination of
certain selected documents from the Berlin and London collections, many
good corrections are made in the published texts. A special feature of the
volume is an index of words compiled out of the principal publications of
papyri, arranged not (as usual) in the order of the letters from the
beginning, but in their order from the end. This is a form of lexicon
which is often useful in restoring words of which the first part is lost
through mutilation of the papyrus.

In continuation of the work mentioned in my last report, Dr. Viereck
has now published a survey of the whole papyrus literature from the first
great discovery in the Faiyum about 1877 up to lb98, which will be very
useful as a work of reference.17 It is to be regretted that Dr. Viereck's
removal to another sphere of work is likely to terminate his connection
with the Berlin publication, in which he has borne a leading part from
the first.

A catalogue of extant Latin papyri, uniform with that of Greek papyri
already published by Dr. Haebcrlin and noticed in the Report for 1897-8,
has been compiled by Dr. Max An article by Dr. Strackjjj deals
with the official and honorary titles found in use in Ptolemaic Egypt, a
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