Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


stela of Merenptah, the speech attributed to St. Paul at Athens. Bee. de
Trav. xxiv. 121.

Spiegelberg, confirming an earlier conjecture of his, as to the
mysterious abrek of Gen. 41, 43, finds a new instance of a probable
Egyptian equivalent ab r-h, plural ah r-ln, the meaning apparently being
" take heed." 0. L. Z. 1903, 317.

Calice suggests "well of Minephtah" as the reading in Jos. xv. 9,
xviii. 15. 0. L. Z. 1903, 224.

Naville writes on the Egyptian name of Joseph. P. S. B. A. xxv. 157.
Max Mullee on the names of the sons of Mizraim in Gen. x. O.L.Z.
1902, 471. Sayce on the names Caphtor and Casluhim in a Ptolemaic
inscription at Ombos. Man, 1903, 136.

Prasek discusses the disaster to Sennacherib, and would distinguish
two expeditions against Jerusalem, the second falling in the reign of
Tirkahah between 691 and 686. Mitth. d. Vorderas. Ges. 1903, 113, cf.
id. 0. L. Z. 1903, 167, and Max Muller on Herodotus' story of Sethon.
0. L. Z. 1902, 476.

Lidzbarski treats of the origin of the alphabet, reviewing Halevy's
theory of its derivation from hieroglyphs and others. Ephemeris fur
Semitische Epigraphie, i. 261.


Erman has published a new edition of his Aegyptische Grammattk, with
very extensive alterations and improvements on the first edition of 1894,
largely due to Set-he's treatise on the Egyptian verb. A chrestomathy
with vocabulary of common words is promised in the near future.

The collections for the Berlin Worterbuch have progressed considerably
in the last two years. In 1901-2 Breasted collected a vast amount of
material in European museums. Much work has been done in writing
and arranging slips. Over a quarter of a million of the latter are now
in alphabetical order. Berlin Akad. Sitzungsberichte, 1902, 52, 1903,

Kevillout has some remarks on the subject of the dictionary in Rev.
Egypt, x. 145.

Graf H. Schack-Schackexborg has issued a part of his Aegypto-
logische Studien, completing the first volume. These studies are to be
devoted mainly to an elaborate index of the words occurring in the
Pyramid Texts, a part of which index has already appeared. The present
fascicule contains a discussion of the grammatical formations used in
those texts, employing Sethe's work on the Egyptian verb as a foundation.
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