Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Progress of Egyptology.

Philology and Palaeography.

Erman, reporting the progress of the Wortcrbuch states that 828~ pages
of the provisional MS. have been written, dealing with 537 words. The
difficulties met with in editing have been found greater than were
anticipated. Sitzb. Berl. Akad. 1908, 88. W. M. Mtjller reviews the
previous report. O.L.Z. x. 513.

Erman writes an interesting article on proper names: (1) pointing out
that the ' pet-name' type was often written in syllabic orthography as
early as the Middle Kingdom. This orthography, no doubt, had a special
value at first; but in the New Kingdom the application of it was
meaningless for pronunciation. He makes the important remark that,
where foreign names in the New Kingdom were spelt simply (not in the
syllabic spelling), this may be taken as proof of their having been known
to the Egyptians as early as the Middle Kingdom. Keftiu must thus be
older than the XVIIIth Dynasty. (2) A curious variation of Nebtnehat
in the Now Kingdom. (3) Verbal adjectives in late names. A.Z. xliv.
105. The name of the Nile (h<py for h'pr, pi. h'pr.w) being 4-rad. should
be a pre-Semitic African proper name. ib. 114.

Early niphal-like passive form, sdm l}r-f, and relative form of passive.
Erman, A.Z. xliv. ill.

Suggestion that ( ^ <^=> in syllabic orthography be compared with

up for pp in some Coptic and Greek transcriptions: meaning of in a
title: and reason of false use of black ink in the middle of a red ink
passage in Sallier 2. Calice, A.Z. xliv. 102.
The formula de hip stn. Hall, P.S.B.A. xxx. 5.

In Pap. Ebers a baby's cry prognosticating its death is nibi resembling
the newly-discovered word for ' no!': that for life ny may therefore
resemble 'yes.' schater, A.Z. xliv. 132.

ffl 3 skins of foxes or fennecs, the value taken from name of a fan of

fox-tails or skins: ^ probably a napkin as suggested by Jacoby : ^ mat

woven of papyrus used by herdsmen as shelter from wind, etc.
borchardt, A.Z. xliv. 75.

(jn, the name of half-wild cattle, as opposed to 3w3: t a papyrus mat

carried by herdsmen as shelter against wind and protection against horns
of cattle. Jequier, Bee. de Trav. xxx. 38.

Additional note on the vase m\v. Weill, Sphinx, xi. 200.
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