Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.



Prof. Maspero's excellent manual, V Archeologic Egyptienne, was repub-
lished last year in a new edition, ' entirely re-cast' to bring it up to the
level of recent discovery. The number of pages remains almost as before,
but thirty new figures have been introduced.

Egyptian sketch for an elliptic vault from the front of the tomb of
Kameses VI., and intended as a guide to the workmen in tunneling.
DarESSY, Ann. viii. 237.

La polychromie dans Vart Egyptien is the title of an essay in Revillout's
L'Ancicnnc Eggpte, Tome I.

Under the title Works of Art from the Egyptian Museum at Cairo,
Borchardt lias published an album of fifty photographs (mounted on
brown cardboard) of the finest objects in the Museum, with brief
descriptions, making an excellent and instructive memento of the

The fifth and last part has been issued of Von BlSSlNG's sumptuous pub-
lication of the jewellery, etc., found in 1859 with the mummy of Queen
Ahhotp (Ein Thehanischcr Grahfund aus clem Anfang des Neuen Reichs).
Some objects of probably the same provenance in the Louvre, the Brussels
Museum, and the collection of the late Sir John Evans have been added
to the publication.

In recording the acquisition of tbe important tomb group of Klmemnekht,
of the Xllth Dynasty, from Prof. Petrie's excavations at Rifeh, the
committee of the Manchester Museum give excellent photographs of two
boats and three wooden statuettes. Manchester Museum Report for the
year 1907-8.

Durixoe publishes photographs of a number of objects in the Lycklama
Museum at Cannes, with notes on four which bear interesting inscriptions.
Etude sur quelqucs monuments Egyptians du musee arch eologi que de Cannes,
Lyons, 1907, reviewed by AndeessON, Sphinx, xi. 231.

Various antiquities, including a pottery model of a mace-head and a
fragment of a jar engraved with the royal name Sekhem-ab Perenmaat,
nash, P.S.B.A. xxix. 297; and others, including a fragment with the
name of Darius, id. ib. xxx. 153.

Von Bissixg's sumptuous publication of Egyptian sculpture (Dcnkmdlcr
Aeggptischer Shdptur) has reached the ninth livraison (bas-relief, etc.),
and the completion of the work may be expected next year.

Fine wooden statuette in the Liverpool Museum of a man bearing a vase
in three good photographs. Capart, Rev. Arch. x. 369.
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