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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Progress of Egyptology.

centuries a-.d., and appears to have belonged to the town and fortress of
Garanok just to the north. The cemetery of Shahlul was quite small and
the town buildings near it showed no signs of such importance as that
possessed by Garanok; this was certainly the more important as it is also
the better preserved site. Apart from these two spots remains of a
similar civilization have not yet been found. Nothing of the sort has
come to light in Dr. Keisner's exhaustive excavations between Assouan
and the Eab el Kalabsheh; whether Romano-Nubian sites exist between
that latter point and Korosko is still to be seen; but it is probable enough
that here we have the most northerly outpost of the empire whose seat
lay far to the south at Meroe. Even from a more central site, however, we
could not have hoped to reap a richer harvest of historical material, and
may well hope that before long the interpretation of the Meroitic script
may throw further light upon a people whom the contents of their graves
show to have reached an unsuspected high water mark of negroid

Dr. Kandall-MacIvee and Mr. Woolley will issue a fully-illustrated
account of this remarkable excavation if possible by Christmas, 1909.

M. Legeain also has kindly sent the following report on his thirteenth
season of work at Karnak :—

" Les travaux de Karnak ont ete cette annee la suite methodique de
ceux des douze annees precedentes.

" Le relevement des colonnes de la Salle Hypostyle a pris la plus grande
partie de notre temps. Les colonnes 40, 44, 45, 46, 47, 49, 52, 53, 54, 55
56, 57, 58 et 67, que n'avaient ete reconstruites encore que jusqu'a six
metres de hauteur, ont ete entierement reedifiees, c'est a dire qu'elles ont
atteint leur hauteur primitive, soit 15 metres.

" Notre besogne dans le nord de l'Hypostyle avanue. Je orois qu'elle
sera terminee pendant la campagne 1908-1909.

"A l'aile nord du second pylone, l'enlevement et la classification des
blocs ecroules continue. Nous avons actuellement en magasin... blocs
portant des bas reliefs. Un grand nombre d'autres sont anepigraphes.

" Ce travail a amene la decouverte de bas reliefs et de segments de
eolonne, employes par les Eamessides dans la construction du 2C pylone
lis proviennent d'un temple dedie a Anion par Toutankhamon. Nous en
connaissions deja d'autres fragments.

" La cloture et la couverture de la salle ou est rebati le mur de la. reine
Hatshopsoultou ont ete faites cette annee.
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