Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Peogress of Egyptology.

" The publication of the tomba was continued by Mr. N. de G. Davies
on behalf of the Metropolitan Muséum of New York ; Mrs. Davies also
undertook some copying work ; Prof, and Frau Weeszinski took numerous
photographs in the tombs, to be published at some future date in a work
on the manners and customs ; Mr. Dixox cominenced to copy two tombs
for Freiherr von Bissixg ; and Mr. Gardiner and I began work upon one
of the tombs.

" At the Tombs of the Kings Mr. Théodore M. Davis continued Iris
work, but made no fresh discovery of note. In another valley I came
across a great deal of évidence which seemed to show tbat the Pharaohs of
Dynasty XXL were buried there ; and I therefore offered the site to Mr.
Davis, who will work there tliis coming season. I should bave liked to
have conducted the work there myself, especially as Sir Gaston Maspero
offered me the money to do so ; but I have always felt that the work of an
inspector is to inspect and to safeguard, and not to excavate.

" Lord Carnaryon and Mr. Carter continued excavations at Gurneh, and
were rewarded by the discovery of jewellery and other valuable objects, as
well as the ruina of what appears to be a mortuary temple. Mr.
Wiiittaker and Prof. Newberry (working noininally with me) cleared out
one or two tombs. At Quft Messrs. KeinÀch and Weill conducted some
important excavations, and discovered some very valuable stelae and other
objects. Prof. Sciiiaparelli excavated at Gebelên with profitable results.
Prof. Junker cleared a good prehistoric cemetery at Khattara near Aswan ;
and bis party continued their valuable recording work in the Nubian
temples. Mr. Woolley, working for Philadelpliia, made some very ricli
discoveries at Aniba in Lower Nubia, of which I was obliged to take a
large share for the Cairo Muséum. Mr. Eirtii and bis party continued the
excavations which are being conducted to exhaust the sites about to be
flooded by the raising of the dam ; and I should mention here that we are
taking elaborate précautions to prevent any damage being done even to the
smallest rock-inscription or other relie in the threatened area. M. Barsanti
continued his work of safeguarding the temples of Lower Nubia ; and lie
also conducted extensive excavations and repairs at Abu Simbel A séries
of statues was found on the terrace in front of the great colossi, and a new
temple to the west of the great temple was uncovered. Lower Nubia, in
fact, is now as well looked after as any other part of my district, instead
of being the most neglected part, as it was when I was sent to report upon
its gênerai condition in 1906.

" We are continuing the work of clearing the temple of Esna, and have
now dug out a large area in front of it, where two years ago there was a
loading ...