Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Heliopolis. Fragment of inscribed cornice. Ahmed Bey Kamal,
Ann. x. 154.

Bubastis. Statues and stelae, one carved with magic texts. Daressy,
Ann. xi. 186.

Saft el Henna. Statue with interesting local titles, id. ib. 142.
(b) From Museums:—

Cairo. A long chapter (numbered lxxxvi.) from the religious texts of
the Middle Kingdom coffins. Lacau, Bee. de Trav. xxxiii. 27.

Decree of year 23 of Epiphanes. The protocol and part of the introduc-
tion agree with that of the stela of Nebira, and a following section about
the general piety of Ptolemy and Cleopatra with the second decree of
Philae. The remainder, in bad condition and difficult to read, seems to
record special gifts to Apis, and military events outside Egypt and the
capture and sack of Aradus by the officer Aristonicus. Daressy, lice, de
Trav. xxxiii. 1.

Hieroglyphic inscriptions on the Graeco-Eoman mummy-masks published
in Mr. Edgar's Catalogue. Daressy, Ann. xi. 44.

Eeply to criticisms on the catalogue of offering tables. Ahmed Bey
Kamal, Sphinx, xiv. 148.

Athexs. An inscription, published as doubtful by Piehl, is pronounced
by Wiedemann to be a forgery, but probably copied from a genuine original.
P.S.B.A. xxxiii. 167.

Eussia. Saite sculptures and inscriptions in various collections.
Turaieff, A.Z. xlviii. 160.

Paris. The important collection of stelae and other inscribed monuments
in the Musee Guimet has been published in two volumes of photographic
plates and text by Moret, Catalogue du Musee Guimet, Galeric EgypAicnnc,
reviewed by Anderssox, Sphinx, xv. 109.

Leyden. The recent publication of the inscriptions of the Middle
Kingdom by Boeser is reviewed by Ranke, O.L.Z. xiv. 307.

Copenhagen. Twelve Egyptian stelae bequeathed to the see of Copen-
hagen in 1830 and now removed to Ny Carlsberg, with photographs,
descriptions, and indices of names, etc. V. Schmidt, Museum Mnnterianum,
reviewed by Andersson, Sphinx, xv. 61.

Stockholm. Edition of the text upon a statue of a priest of Mendes.
Burchakdt, A.Z. xlvii. 111.

London. The British Museum has issued a volume containing hand-
copies of its fine collection of stelae, etc., dating from the 1st to the Xlth
Dynasty. The plates, fifty-six in number, show the designs and reproduce
loading ...