Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Military events outside Egypt, recorded in a decree of the 23rd year

of Epiphanes. . . . -

Miniature of the Patriarch Theophilus. Sthztgowski.
Mn on the plaque from Nagada, is not the name of Menes, but of a

pavilion of King Aha. Naville. . . . .
Months, the Jewish in the Aswan papyri began on dates obtained

by observation of the lunar crescent. Ginzel.
Moslem epitaphs inscribed on a Coptic altar-stone. Coombe.
Moslem graffiti in the Kibla of the ruined church at Ibrim.

Maspebo. . . .• .

Mr', the title usually translated " caravan chief." Jkquiee. .

Mr ^, perhaps a hair-pin. Weigall. .....

Mummies, Egyptian, condition of the organs and muscles of.

BtJFFEB. . . . . .

Mummified bodies of dogs at Abydos. .....

Municipal Life in Eoman Egypt. Jottguet. ....

Museum Munterianum. V. Schmidt. .....

Myth, a new, of Tefenis persuaded by Thoth to leave Nubia and
enter Egypt. Junkee. . . . . .


Nebheptre, a cylinder of, from Dendera. Weigall.

Necropolis of dogs at Abydos. .......

Necropolis at Meroe, pottery from. ......

Neferkauhor, a decree of congratulating an official on an

endowment. Weill. .......

Nefermat, skeleton found in his tomb at Medum, apparently

unfleshed before burial. . . . . . .

Neith represented on a head-rest as goddess of sleep. Daeessy. .

Nekhab, the " Eirst Eoyal sons " of. Gauthieb.

Neteren, clay sealings of found in a tomb near Abusir.

Neterkhet, a clay sealing of found in a tomb near Abusir.

ni, the verbal-adjective ending in ; Semitic parallels to. Littmann.

Nilometer, discovery of a, at Ombos. Maspebo.

Nuba of Kordofan, the physical characters of the. Seligmann.

Nubas of Southern Kordofan, the language of the.

Mrs. Seligmann.
Nubia, the Archaeological Survey of. Memoir for 1907-8. .
Nubian-Greek inscriptions from the Sudan. Sayce.

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