Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 2.1883-1884

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1 cm
in asia minor.


[tov Kal 'Aivdivov Kal Map[/c-]
[eAAito^os, irrl picrdcoTuiv
10 [KAauSJi'ov 'A(3a.cri«xvTov Kal
[Miyi/tS]os NetKaSov 'Hpa-
[fcA.ei]Sou Kal NeifcaSov Sis,
[tepajrevoiros KtSpa/xa-

[l"TOs] Sis Kal 'e\7Tt'So9 ttj?

15 [yu]i>cu/cos avrov • Mrjvts Ai-
[ojuJ^Sou, 'Ocrals 'ArraXon te-
[pe]v<; 'Kppov, Map^o? 81? jMt^-
[v]oyeVou, *Ef#eos Kparepo-
[v %]v(pJpid)(ov lepev? Aiowcrou,

20 [M]^vts 'ArraAou MowSuu-
Mo?, ^ArraXo? ArjprjTpiov,
[Mrj]vL<; 'Arei/x^'rou (8)1$, ndra-
[\]o9 M77V1S09, "E^^eo? [M77V1S-]
[05], Mt^i? IIocriSajw'01;, "Evd-

25 [eo]? *A/ce7T70S m77v1s0? 'Ocral
[rjXau/cou, Mt^i? NeiKoAaou
KifivpoLTOv, ~yAei>L(TTev<; MTjfi-
[SJ09 Me^tcrreos, Xe'ap^os M77V1S-
o[s], Neap^os Net/coXaou Ki/3v/d<xt[ou].

Nos. 47-50.

Karamanlii. Bfoken quadrangular cippus in the cemetery.
TJic top moulding is broken entirely away. The whole
present height of the stone is 1.09 m.; to the bottom mould-
ing, 0.90 m.; width, 0.61 m. Bulletin de Correspondance
Hellenique, 1878,/. 257^ Impressions}

1 Ligatures occur: line 13, HN; line 16, HN; line 17, MH; line 19, UIN, MH;
line 22, MH; line 24, MH. The N at the end of line 27 is the numeral belonging
to line 28, but is written for reasons known only to the stonecutter above the >)c.
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