Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 3.1884-1885

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three hundred feet deep. But both above and below this point the
bluffs must be at least one thousand feet high, and the canon is
entirely impassable. The bed of the Mara Tchai occupies the
whole width of the canon, a fact which explains why our road made
the great detour by way of Tchatak and Tchikur.

There are six villages on the mountain side on the right bank of the
Mara Tchai, but the six have only two names, Gurdja and Tchomelek.

May 23. Tchomelek to Mut, 7 h. 48 m. I am told that Sari
Kavak is composed of several villages of five or six houses each.
From Tchomelek to the residence of the Mtidir of Sari Kavak is
three hours, but great allowance must be made for the descent to and
ascent from canons.

From Tchomelek we descend about northwest to the canon of
Govden Tchai, and immediately ascend again southwest for nearly an
hour. Thence down to Tchukur Bagh in a fertile little valley sur-
rounded by mountains. We cross still another mountain range,
whose foot is reached an hour east of Kelkieui. The country hence-
forward as far as Mut is open and rolling.

Mut \Claudiopolis\ Epistyle block fifteen minutes southeast
of Mut. The right side is weathered away. The left
end corresponds with the joint between two stones, so that
the beginning of the inscription was on another stone now
lost. Copy.


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