Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 3.1884-1885

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but without it the School at Athens, however well endowed, can never
accomplish the best results. A decided improvement in this respect
is already apparent; and it is beyond question that the presence in
many American Colleges of professors who have been resident a year
at Athens under favorable circumstances, as annual directors or as
students of the School, has done much, and will do still more, to
stimulate intelligent interest in classic antiquity.


I. The object of the American School of Classical Studies is to
furnish an opportunity to study classical Literature, Art, and Antiqui-
ties in Athens, under suitable guidance, to graduates of American
Colleges and to other qualified students ; to prosecute and to aid
original research in these subjects; and to co-operate with the
Archaeological Institute of America, so far as it may be able, in con-
ducting the exploration and excavation of classic sites.

II. The School is in charge of a Managing Committee. This Com-
mittee, which was originally appointed by the Archaeological Institute,
disburses the annual income of the School, and has power to add to
its membership and to make such regulations for the government of
the School as it may deem proper. The President of the Archaeologi-
cal Institute and the Director and the Annual Director of the School
are ex officio members of the Managing Committee.

III. The Managing Committee meets semi-annually, in New York
on the third Friday in November, and in Boston on the third Friday in
May. Special meetings may be called at any time by the Chairman.

IV. The Chairman of the Committee is the official representative
of the interests of the School in America. He presents a report
annually to the Archaeological Institute concerning the affairs of the

V. i. The School is under the superintendence of a Director.
The Director is chosen and his salary is fixed by the Committee.
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