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Catalogue général des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire (Nr. 8001/8741): Coptic monuments — Kairo, 1902

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8001 o-J. Coptic manuscript(1). — Parchment.—Height o m. 'οη& mill., breadth

o m. 375 mill. — Akhmsrn.

Four complete leaves, paged [<Të]-pç.

One column of 35 lines, ruled • - »/-• m Λ Λ #* V « »»• V*•

with dry point and pricked. I J-V IJjJ 0 Ο Ν *» * *\j
Initials enlarged, coloured and f ^ |_— λ *||\Λ| «

ornamented with long scrolls i XV O ^Jj> ΠΙ <Λ «^U-

in red, green and yellow. Page «Γ

numhers sometimes red. Rubrics, stops, the letter φ red.
Contents : Psalms LXIX-LXXII and LXVIII, a4-LXXÜI, i5.
Dialect : Sa'idic.

8002 a-b. Coptic manuscript. — Parchment. —Height 0 m. 82 cent., breadth

o m. 2 3 cent. — Akhmîm.

pii^fY TnIJI f UJ*T* ^wo leaves' damaged in the upper and

Ο Φ t % f *T* Ό ¡ci i— 0Uter sideS' Pa8Íng l0St'

C CJL^ I 1 J) 0 ^. A Two columns of 3o or 31 lines each, ruled

with dry point.
Initials slightly enlarged, coloured and ornamented with scrolls etc.,

in red and yellow. Stops, the letter φ etc. in red.
Contents: S. Matthew VII, i3-VIII, 3i, with the greater τίτλοι

(ϊΓ-ϊβ) marked.
Dialect : Sa'idic. (C/J Τ

BiBi,. : Boi'MANT, Recueil de travaux, IV, 9.

(1) This and following fragments probably=Journal 38156. This manuscript was bought in Cairo (v. Recueil

de travaux, IV, ι ). Other leaves of it are in European collections.
Catal. du Musée, η. 8οοι. ι
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