Rimmel, Eugene
Recollections of the Paris exhibition of 1867 — London, 1868

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The Fine Arts are but poorly represented, and one can
hardly understand that the birthplace of Rembrandt and
Gerard Dow, should only have sent about half a dozen
pictures, and those of little or no merit.

Dutch typography, on the contrary, deserves the highest
praise, and finds no rival, but inPaiis, London and Vienna. It
is chiefly in the types of the far East that it excels. Tetterode
shows some remarkably neat impressions in Chinese, Japa-
nese, and all the different dialects of the Indian archipelago,
and Brill, of Leyden, gives us the Lord's Prayer printed in
eighteen languages, some of which are but little known, such
as the hieratic, hieroglyphic, &c.

The old established reputation of Holland linen, and Frise
woollens, is sustained by some good manufacturers. "We
also remark a very beautiful fur carpet, figuring flowers, by
Greeve & Son, of Amsterdam, and a large basin on a
pedestal, made of sal-amanniac, and resembling one of those
public lavatories called demosia, which the ancient Greeks
placed in the squares of their cities.

Diamond polishing is a trade of which the Dutch have
almost preserved the monopoly. They have erected a
building in the Park, wherein are shown the different phases
of the operation. There, is to be seen a map of the diamond
strata, of Brazil, a series of ores from various countries, and
in different stages of crystallization, and all the tools employed
to give the rough stone this brilliant surface which makes
it the most dazzling ornament of beauty. "We shall not
repeat here the details which we have already given of
these processes when speaking of the polishing of diamonds
shown in the French section of the machine gallery.
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